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The Benefits of Acupuncture

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Acupuncture therapy– sounds daunting. What exactly is it?

With the way, it has progressively become a leading technique in physiotherapy. It is impossible for someone to have not heard about acupuncture therapy. In some regard, everyone has heard or learned about acupuncture. This is enough to conjure up images of pins and needles whenever the word is brought up in conversation, or read in a text.

This is where it becomes daunting. It seems rather strange, as it goes, to puncture your body with needles for the sake of actually taking away the physical pain in that part of the body. This is also true because these images conjured by the brain are not entirely true.

Acupuncture therapy is not just sticking needles into the body. It is a fully-regulated holistic health technique that comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine. More on this will follow as the article progresses.

To summarize it in a single line, acupuncture is a technique in which practiced specialists insert needles into some parts of the skin to ensure inner stimulation.

History of Acupuncture therapy

Acupuncture was originated in China, dating as far back as the first century BC to the first century AD. It is one of the oldest surviving techniques to have made it to the modern age and also spread towards the West.

Back in Ancient China, the treatment of acupuncture stemmed from their beliefs and Taoist philosophies. Chinese teaching depicts a belief in the Qi, the life force or life energy that flows in the body.

This is anchored in points and meridians throughout the human body. Discounted briefly during the seventeenth century as superstitious and obsolete, acupuncture regained interest coming towards modern ages as scientific studies showed results in favor of the ancient technique.

Now, acupuncture therapy has been rediscovered in favor and has re-emerged as one of the leading techniques in the alternative medicine field. It is being practiced in many parts of the world.

The Points used in Acupuncture

Most modern practitioners of acupuncture maintain that the belief system of Qi flowing through the body in zeniths and originating from specific points can be superimposed on a scientific model of neurology. These points and anchors do in fact, refer to nerve endings beneath the skin, and the needles in acupuncture are used to stimulate them, changing brain function.

There are over 360 points in the human body where needles can be inserted to rebalance both the body’s function and the mind. Other than that, there are fourteen channels where the flow of energy is supposed to be. These are the points of contact for the practiced acupuncturist.

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Why Should You Try Acupuncture therapy?

A growing body of clinical research exists to point the world in favor of the technique of acupuncture and the wide array of benefits it possesses for the human body’s well-being. We shall only be looking at some of the most evident ones ahead. However, the list of the benefits of acupuncture continues to grow.

Acupuncture helps with chronic and musculoskeletal pain:

Chronic pain is any pain that lasts for longer than 12 weeks. This kind of an intense pain is debilitating and hinders the daily routine of the person suffering from it. Musculoskeletal pains are one of the most common ailments that can be treated with acupuncture techniques.

Since physiotherapy treatment has proved to work for people suffering from back pains, knee and elbow injuries. For these patients, acupuncture therapy has also been tried. Acupuncture helps in the flow of blood and by sensitizing neurons, which makes it a good medical technique for curing chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Acupuncture helps improve post-chemotherapy recovery:

Studies conducted that there have been cases where acupuncture treatment has helped increase the immunity of the body post-chemotherapy. Patients who have undergone acupuncture treatment have also reported that they experienced less pain and other side effects of chemotherapy. Such as nausea and relevant effects.

Acupuncture helps with the treatment of headaches and migraines:

Many folks experience migraines and headaches. It is one of the most common and uncomfortable physical ailments the body suffers. It is discovered recently that migraines and headaches are cervicogenic, caused by stress injury to the neck. Like other physiotherapy treatment, acupuncture has helped improve migraines and headaches.

Acupuncturist Near Me

Acupuncture assists with pregnancy and postpartum-pains:

Doctors these days are increasingly suggesting acupuncture as a treatment for the stress. Moreover, for physical pain, and hormonal imbalances caused in the body whilst in pregnancy, and during/after labor.

Acupuncture to treat stress and emotional disorders:

Certified practitioners and clinic, like Pillars of Wellness Burlington, offer acupuncture. They treat stress, anxiety, and depression. The treatment is known to have helped in assisting with rebalancing the mind. The treatment is also used for the treatment of insomnia.

Acupuncture aids in the prevention of cognitive decline:

Patients with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and dementia suffer from cognitive decline. This is a reduction in their mental faculties. Acupuncture is known to stimulate the neurons that might help in preventing early cognitive decline.

How Safe is Acupuncture Treatment?

Despite how daunting it might seem, acupuncture is a legitimate medical treatment. In studies, it has been shown that a large majority of people have undergone acupuncture treatments in some capacity. In the hands of a practiced, expert specialist, acupuncture is completely safe and utterly painless.

The aim of this article was to demystify the stigma surrounding acupuncture, and shed light on the benefits it can offer, provided it is practiced by an experienced and well-trained practitioner.

Having said that, it is necessary to always make informed and educated decisions about any alternative therapeutic techniques. This includes acupuncture, of course. Acupuncture can help make your body feel better and give you a healthier physical and mental life. Pillars of Wellness in Burlington is always a good place to start. They have been practitioners of this subtle treatment for some time, and always treat a case of utmost importance.

Laurent Pinci
Laurent Pinci
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