12 Nov

Basketball Injuries

Common basketball injuries Basketball is one of the most popular sport played in the world. It is a college sport, played in a lot of universities and schools worldwide. It is also among those sports that parents enjoy watching with their children. Haven’t you ever passed by a basketball hoop and felt the urge to […]

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10 Nov

5 Common Tennis Injuries

Can tennis injuries be treated with physiotherapy? Tennis is a highly popular international sport. It is played by a large number of people worldwide. So many people are aware of the sport in one manner or the other. If you have not played the sport yourself, you no doubt know of someone who does. Moreover, […]

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08 Nov

Can you get hurt playing Golf?

Golf injury – How common is it? If a sport could be called elite, golf would certainly make a good case for itself. If you have never heard of the name Tiger Woods, you are probably not thinking hard enough. Golf players have reached star status on the social scene for quite a while now. […]

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06 Nov

Gymnastics Injuries – Treatment & Prevention

Physiotherapy for gymnastics injuries On May 5, 1988, Japanese news channels caught an accident on live television. Julissa Gomez from San Antonio, Texas, was warming up for the finals in the Moscow Olympics. On a practice run, as she raced toward the vault, her foot slipped off the springboard. This caused her to slam headfirst […]

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01 Nov

Baseball Injury – How Physiotherapy Can Help?

How players end up with a baseball injury? In recent years baseball has been seeing a constant increase in popularity. More and more people are drawn to sports. To play baseball well one needs to adept at a few skills. In baseball one should be able to hit, sprint, catch and pitch the ball. However, […]

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31 Oct

Football Injury – How Physiotherapy Can Help?

Preventing and Treating a Football Injury with Physiotherapy Sports are one of those activities that provide exercise without making it seem like a chore. For as far back as history can remember, competitive sport has always been appreciated for the performance, skills, strength and of course, entertainment. If you have ever played a sport or […]

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29 Oct

Soccer Injury – Prevention & Treatment

What you should know about soccer injury Whether or not you actually play the sport, it is impossible for you to not know about soccer. If not the, it is one of the most internationally charged sports out there. For various people across the world, soccer is not just a game, but a lifestyle. Not […]

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27 Oct

How Physiotherapy Can Help With Hockey Injuries

Does hockey injuries happen often? Hockey is a very physical sport thus injuries are frequent. Markets are flooded with high-end hockey gear and you can try warming up or stretches before the game but it cannot guarantee hockey injuries. Players are prone to straining their hip and groin muscles due to the repetitive action of […]

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24 Oct

Fall Prevention – Everything You Need To Know

Tips to Reduce the Risk of Fall Anybody can fall. However, as we grow older, the risk of falling upsurges. That can be quite debilitating, especially for older people. This article will provide you with the basic falling prevention tips you need to avoid any injury. Health practitioners such as occupational therapist and physiotherapist can […]

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22 Oct

Sports Injuries Prevention

Good coaching can avoid sports injuries Knowing your stamina level is an important part of any fitness regime. It helps also to define where you at and how much more you can push your limits. If done incorrectly, it can cause an injury. It is important to understand how much, and which kinds of exercises […]

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