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Welcome to Pillars of Wellness where patients from Burlington, Hamilton and the surrounding areas come to our clinic to to get better through the professional and patient-focused care of Dr. Petermann.

Dr. Petermann has won many awards for best chiropractor in Burlington. He is experienced, knowledgeable and a skilled therapist.

Our goal is to support you in improving your health and quality of life by correcting the underlying root cause of your condition.

We are passionate and compassionate professionals, driven by the mission of helping people live a happier and more meaningful life.

You deserve the best. Your goal is our mission. Let us help you!


What to Expect on Your First Chiropractic Care Visit?

Chiropractic Assessment

During your first visit, you’ll receive a full assessment of your symptoms, muscle/joint biomechanics, and gait to determine a working diagnosis.

If further investigation is necessary, we may look to have X-rays provided for a more definitive diagnosis. Then, Dr. Petermann will proceed with some treatment soon after the assessment.

The treatment can include spinal adjustment, active release therapy, manual therapy, deep tissue massage and combine any of the above with a modality such as acupuncture, ultrasound or TENS.

The initial visit lasts 45 minutes to an hour in total and it's conducted one-on-one in a private room.

Conditions We can Help With (Not Limited To)

Pain And Soreness (back, neck, shoulder, knee)

Sports Injuries

Mobility Function In Spine And Joints

Nerve Entrapment

Spinal Stenosis

Headaches And Migraines

Postural Strains

Plantar Fascitis


Connect With Our Registered Chiropractor

Dr. Petermann MikeChiropractor

"Dr. Petermann is well versed in a variety of chiropractic treatment styles including spinal and joint manipulation, Drop-Table, Soft Tissue Mobilization, cupping, manual therapy, and exercise prescription. Dr. Petermann has also additional training to assess and treat vertigo and TMJ. In addition, he can create customized orthotics and help with braces and compression socks".

During your first visit to our Burlington chiropractic care clinic, you’ll receive a full assessment which involves an in-depth review of your current symptoms and medical history. Based on the assessment, Dr. Petermann will determine the next step and develop the most effective and appropriate treatment plan.

Burlington Post Award For Acupuncture


I've been to a few clinics and this is by far the best. After a car accident I was in very bad shape. Lori and the team helped me get the right treatments, supporting me both physically and mentally to get better. Thank you Pillars of Wellness!
Kauthar A
Excellent team. Friendly, knowledgeable and a very professional service
Susan P
I would highly recommend Pillars of Wellness for all of your health needs. The owners and all of the staff care about your health, well being and satisfaction.
Adam W

Frequently Asked Questions

How Safe Is Chiropractic Treatment?
Very safe. As a non-invasive procedure, it’s markedly safer than other forms of healthcare, such as treatments consisting of drugs or surgery. If you have any concerns, ask our chiropractor in Burlington about any risks associated with the specific treatment you are receiving. It is important to inform the practitioner of your medical history, medications and if you are pregnant or could possibly be pregnant, as acupuncture treatment may have to be modified or may not be appropriate.
How Often Do I Need to Continue to See a Chiropractor?
It will depend on your initial assessment and how well you’re doing after treatments. Note that it’s not necessary to see a chiropractor a few times a week if your condition does not require it. At Pillars of Wellness (Health and Wellness Centre), we offer an integrated care approach to help our customers recover faster through a variety of modalities and services that can aid recovery. For example, you may find it beneficial to work with both our chiropractor and physiotherapist to determine a treatment plan. Talk to our staff at our front desk for more information. Feel free to read our page on our website about integrated care as well.
Am I Covered by Health Insurance?
Most of the time, health insurance will cover this service. However, it’s always best to check first. Many of our patients are covered for chiropractic and can be treated in our health centre in Burlington.
Can I Benefit If I am Pregnant?
Absolutely! Chiropractic therapy is an excellent drug-free alternative to relieve spinal pressure and backache related to pregnancy. In addition, studies show that pregnant women who take chiropractic treatment decrease their labour time and require less pain control medication. We are also considered as a family chiropractic clinic or health centre.
How Can I Prepare For My Chiropractic Treatment?
The best way to prepare is to come with comfortable pants and top. If you do have any imageries to share or previous health report, feel free to bring it to the clinic.
Can Children Be Treated?
Yes, they can. Our chiropractor is certified and experienced in treating children. You won't find too many family chiropractic clinics in Burlington. Most chiropractors treat adults patients regarding pain or neck pain but not necessarily practice pediatric chiropractic care. Our staff ensure you receive the best possible service to improve your health overall.

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