Treating Chronic Pain With Acupuncture
Treating Chronic Pain With Acupuncture
November 6, 2018
How Chiropractic Care Can Help With Digestive Problems?
How Chiropractic Care Can Help With Digestive Problems?
November 6, 2018

Can Chiropractic Care Help with Seasonal Allergies?

Helping Allergies with Chiropractic Care

How to prepare ourselves with seasonal allergies?

Seasonal allergies are the cause of much consternation for a lot of people around the world. These seasonal allergies start hounding the people when the weather shifts. The ailment strikes because of seasonal change. It is caused by the change in the temperature and the climate with the passing of a season.

Spring is the season of growth and rebirth and joy. Its spirit is tragically tainted by those who suffer the brunt of seasonal allergy. For most of these people, spring hails the coming of runny noses, bouts of sneezing and watery eyes for days.

Seasonal allergies are hardly ever life-threatening or even borderline-fatal. But they do disrupt the daily workings of the lives of the people who suffer them. Other than being a nuisance, they are an unwelcome side-effect of changing seasons.

What Causes Allergic Reactions?

The inbuilt natural immune system of the human body is made to combat antibodies and antigens. A lot of these external substances are harmful to your health. Sneezing, coughing, vomiting, and leaky eyes and runny noses are all expulsion methods. Your body uses them to cleanse your system.

An allergic reaction is produced when the body reacts to substances that are thought harmless. This is what occurs in seasonal allergies. The body seems to find these external substances harmful. It reacts to them in the same way as it would react to an antigen. At the start of the allergic reaction, distinct immune cells, known as mast cells, are released. Upon the discovery of an external substance, these cells produce chemicals called histamines. These histamines are what cause the aggressive bouts of coughing and sneezing by sensitizing you.

Allergic Rhinitis and its Abundance

There is only the statistic we have to prove that a large amount of the population does, in fact, suffer from allergies. A survey conducted on allergic rhinitis (AR), showed that a massive percentage of people had a reaction to environmental conditions. These include the weather, dust or mold and seasonal allergies. A further large percentage reported that it had a tendency to interfere with their daily lives. It caused fatigue and triggered asthmatic issues.

Why do People Get Allergic Reactions?

It is not exactly sure why the body has seasonal allergies and reactions for some people and does not for others. Some experts believe that this might be for one of these two reasons:

  • Hypersensitivity: This is a condition that exists in some people in the world. This hypersensitivity might make a person more prone to undergoing allergic reactions. It also makes them more sensitive to stress. The more sensitized your body is, the more prone it is to expel allergens and external substances. Let us consider an example. Someone with hypersensitivity might have a severe allergic reaction with the mere presence of mold in a room. On the other hand, someone might walk through the unsettled dust and get away with a sneeze.
  • Nervous system dysfunction: The nervous system is a complex network of nerves. These stem from the spinal cord. They run throughout the entire body. It is their job to carry messages from the brain to the rest of the body, and vice versa. The body perceives the immediate vicinity and the elements of the environment because of your nervous system. A problem in this system can throw your whole body function off. This even affects your immunity to things.

Chiropractic Care: What is it and how is it done?

Seasonal Allergies & Chiropractors

Chiropractic care is getting popular in the realm of healthcare. It is now among the most beneficial treatments for musculoskeletal diseases. It is also being hailed as one of the leading treatments for other stress-related disorders. Chiropractic techniques are now also being employed for spinal adjustments to increase the body’s immunity. This will be discussed further.

Chiropractic care started as a relief from pain in the lower back and along the spine. The treatment uses adjustment techniques and other alternative therapies. This method of treatment has become increasingly popular among Canadians, with 4.4 million of the population without a family doctor semi-regularly visiting or utilizing the services of a chiropractor. Utilization rates for a chiropractor’s services have increased from 10% to 11.7% in the past 25 years.

How can Chiropractic Care Assist with Seasonal Allergies?

Chiropractic care is one of the best treatments in your medical arsenal to combat the seasonal allergies. It has been researched that the body might undergo allergic reactions due to a dysfunction in the nervous system. This dysfunction might make your body perceive that it is under attack. It might do that even when the external substance is quite harmless. This nervous system disorder may be caused by a misalignment of the spinal cord.

The spinal cord is your system of balance and the body’s main central core system. It carries connects your nervous system to the rest of your body and thus is vitally important to your immunity against season allergies.

A Chiropractor will remove this misalignment in the spine. This removes the dysfunction that keeps the nervous system from doing its job to the best of its ability. This job includes keeping the body’s immunity and sensitivity to the best levels. Of course, the treatment does not work for every possible allergy. But it has shown promise and great results for most. Seasonal allergies are included in the list.

Choosing the Right Chiropractor

Chiropractic Care is a delicate part of healthcare and hands-on physical treatment. It should never be undergone without advisement. The patient must have a careful understanding of what the treatment is for and about.

At Pillars of Wellness in Burlington, there is a wing dedicated to chiropractic care. The patient is aware every step of the way of why the treatment is important. With their expert practitioners, the facility provides chiropractic services for a large number of worrisome disorders.

Don’t let your allergies keep you from enjoying life, and give chiropractic care a shot.

Laurent Pinci
Laurent Pinci
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