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Chiropractic Treatment as an Integrated Care Approach

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What define chiropractic treatment?

Chiropractic treatment is a method of aiding in the healing process of any irregularities that may show up in the nervous system. These afflictions usually center themselves near and on the spinal area however they may come to exist in other parts of the body.

The chiropractic procedure is used to provide an alternative to the more invasive method of surgery; this ensures that any aches or problems the person may found to suffer from are alleviated via a natural and perfectly safe method that also allows for the recovery period to be reduced by a great extent.

Here at the Pillars of Wellness in Burlington, Aldershot (ON) we provide a wide range of chiropractic treatments that focus on various problem areas on the body.

These treatments are there to serve two purposes for our consumers; to ensure that the client gets full benefits of a proper medical treatment and that it is done with having the shortest time required in recovery.

Maximizing Health through Chiropractic Treatment

The benefit of chiropractic treatment is that it is a natural procedure that leads to the reduction and alleviation of pain from areas in the body that have experienced any kind of trauma. It is important to note that the alleviation is not temporary and once the pain subsides after the recommended number of treatments, it is rare for it to act up again. But it is still advised to have regular checkups with your chiropractor in case if it does ever return.

However, how chiropractors differ from general practitioners and traditional doctors are that they do not prescribe any medication for use or perform any invasive procedures to subside the pain.

The methods used in chiropractic treatment are more focused on the use of hands to align and relieve pressure in the problem areas. This allows for any inflammation or any other ailment that may persist to reduce and with regular treatment be diminished completely.

In a paper funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health, it was found that the practice of chiropractor treatment proved to be most effective in both pain alleviation and cost-based analysis especially for cases concerning where the pain was located in the lower back.

The research went on to suggest that most traditional methods adopted by doctors are either inconclusive in their ability to solve the problem or of no help.

Shorter Recovery Periods with Chiropractic Treatment

It is absolutely vital to notice that it is not only the cost-effectiveness that one may benefit from if they chose to opt for the chiropractic treatment for their bodily pain but rather also end up with saving more time as there is documented proof that such treatments require fewer instances of repeated care.

This reduces not only the time during which the practiced and licensed professional is working on your injury but also dramatically reduces the time that is usually associated with the recovery of such a severe injury that is deeply embedded into the tissues, joints or muscles of the body.

Benefits for Mental Health Care

It is important to consider the benefits of chiropractic treatment to be associated with mental health and not just physical. As the process is non-invasive, the patient may feel more comfortable to follow treatment as opposed to traditional medicine.

This leads to an overall satisfaction among people using chiropractic treatment. Many have a great response to treatments in terms of physical recoveries and mental health recovery. In this manner, chiropractic care helps patients to deal with physical trauma and also speed the recovery process.

An Integrated Care Approach

Though the initial medical procedure of fixing any bodily pain may seem quicker with a fast track surgery or other medical procedure the recovery time for such a method may last much longer than anticipated. This is a reality that most patients when choosing between the two practices are unaware of.

Opting to cure your ailments with help of medical management may result in the use of medically prescribed drugs to control the pain, some of which may have opioids that can prove to be addictive leading and contributing to a much larger problem.

Moreover, as far as medical procedures are concerned they are usually more pricey and do not always ensure that the ailment will subside. This leads to either further investment in more medical procedures or the further reliance on medication to be able to better manage the pain.

Alternatively, the time spent in active therapy may be longer for chiropractic treatments. But the time spent in recovery is usually much shorter.

Thus for all of the reasons provided above chiropractic treatments are seen as an integrated care approach as it provides a comprehensive solution to the problem by not only focuses on the alleviation of physical pain but also of the mental trauma that it is so often accompanied by such experiences.

Although the therapy itself usually lasts longer than a medical procedure, the bounce back rate and the recovery period required is significantly less. It also results in the person being able to take better care of themselves after having gone through the chiropractic treatment without creating any dependency on any sort of further aid.

Laurent Pinci
Laurent Pinci
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