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How Does Orthotics Work?

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Everything you need to know about orthotics

Do you have to spend long tiring days up on your feet? Is the reason for you often finding your feet aching more than a full day of activity? Are you afraid that the only solution might be surgery to help increase comfort? Well, it might not be due to a simple shoe change. Orthotics is likely the solution.

What are Orthotics?

Orthotics are customized devices that are prescribed by medical professionals. They assist you in rectifying the biomechanical structure of the foot. Furthermore, orthotics can help in correcting any problems that there might be with how a person runs walks or stands.

They make a significant impact on folks’ lives with severe medical issues. It helps with illnesses such as arthritis and diabetes. In some case, they may even aid you to avoid getting surgery to remedy a flat foot.

Are Orthotics and Inserts the same thing?

Inserts are over the counter devices, which are easily purchasable by anyone. They do not need a prescription note. Inserts are not customized specifically to fit your feet and come in standard sizes. They might help in making you more comfortable but they will not help with fixing any problems you may have.

How to get Orthotics?

To get orthotics you need to get in touch with a certified medical professional. These specialists are podiatrists and chiropractors specialized in this field. They take a 3D rendition of your problem foot, both if needed. Then they observe you. They notice how your feet, ankles, legs and hip move when you walk or make any particular movement.

After this, they decide on whether you need an orthotic of not. If the need arises they take a mold of your foot. The mold helps them customize the orthotic to your feet. This helps solve whatever issue it may be that you are experiencing.

What kinds of Orthotics are available?

There are two types; rigid or functional. The materials used in functional orthotics are as carbon fiber or plastics. These are best suited for shoes that have closed mouths and lower heels. These kinds of orthotics are often placed in dress shoes or those used for walking. Their purpose is to ease the pain that you might feel in your legs and back due to an issue with your foot.

Soft orthotics are also known as accommodative orthotics. The materials used in these are softer compressible material. These are more specific in nature. They can provide comfort or support for certain problem areas of the feet. The pain is more prevalent in these areas. Illness such as foot ulcers, diabetes, and plantar fasciitis can lead to needing soft orthotics are. These type of orthotics are often recommended to be worn with prescribed footwear for the best result.

Benefits of Orthotics

We have thus far discovered that orthotics are medically proven to work. Listed below are some benefits and reasons to invest in them.

Increased Support For Your Feet – your feet are one of the most anatomically complex parts of your body with over 25 different bones and a hundred muscles. They already have to bear the weight of the whole body and this can be aggravated by a medical condition. This why you need help from orthotics if you want secure support for your feet.

A decrease in Pain – orthotics are made with the main purpose of helping to alleviate pain for those that suffer from a medical illness which makes walking, running and standing difficult. Different medical studies have shown that the use of orthotics not only helps in reducing pain but in some flat foot cases lead to not needing surgery to fix the symptoms.

Enhanced Comfort – orthotics are a customized solution for your particular problems. They are shaped and molded to the precise shape and need of your feet. This allows them to provide a comfort that is not attainable by using over the counter shoe inserts.

Rectify Collapsed Arches – the arches of some feet can be collapsed, this is also known as pronation. The collapsed arches lead to increased pressure on the legs, knees, joints, hips, and feet of the person. This leaves one to be prone to a knee injury during exercise, rigorous movement or while participating in sports. Orthotics help correct these arches providing relief to your joints and knees.

Rectify Raised Arches – other may suffer from raised feet arches, this is known as supination and causes the ankle to surpass the alignment with the equilibrium of the body. The effect is the same as pronation in that it adds excessive stress on the knees, legs, joint and hips; leaving them prone to injury. Both feet may even have varying sized arches thus leaving a person off balance. They may need custom orthotics for either both or just one foot to fix their balance and stance.

Increased Athleticism – orthotics allow a person to have better balance, stance, and alignment with their body. This, in turn, leads to an increase in the performance in the athletic realm. The reduced chances of injuries also lead to an increase in determination and willingness to take part in sports.

Where to find Affordable Orthotic Help?

Here at the Pillars of Wellness in Burlington, Aldershot (ON) we provide you with various services to alleviate any type of pain you may be feeling. Among our services are customized orthotics that you can access through our Burlington Orthotic Center.

We have licensed chiropractors that are practiced in the field of pain management. They assess each case individually. They carry out the 3D imaging and the observation after which they determine whether an orthotic is required or not. If it is a customized mold is created and you will be provided with an orthotic.

Our chiropractors go beyond to and recommend a course of action that not only helps in managing short-term pain but also long-term. These may include different types of therapeutic treatments such as physiotherapy or chiropractic treatments. We want you to be able to take life on fully and on your own feet.

Laurent Pinci
Laurent Pinci
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