Integrated Care In Burlington

When You Substitute "I" With "We" Illness Becomes Wellness

Pillars of Wellness is proud to be an Integrated care clinic, which means we utilize the knowledge and expertise of a number of different healthcare practitioners to maximize health for every client that we serve.  We do this through collaborative assessments, use of evidence-based practices and continuous communication between our team and our clients. 

It allows our clients to save money, save time, receive efficient and flexible care.  At Pillars of Wellness we recognize that not every person is the same, and not every person responds to treatment in the same way. Our integrated care approach allows us to customize treatment plans in an efficient and effective way, to ensure our clients' health needs are being met.  

What is included in your Comprehensive Health Assessment

  • Pre-assessment with selected practitioners to review your medical history, lifestyle and current condition
  • Continued assessment conducted independently by each health practitioner
  • Team consultation - Review of the full assessment to prepare a treatment plan
  • Report from the providers – Sent to your family doctor


We Can Also Help Minimize Your Out-of-Pocket Expenses – Just Ask Us

Most of our services are covered by traditional benefits plans! We are happy to work with you to optimize your available benefits, to ensure you are getting the most out of our services

Self-employed or have your own company? There are many options for tax benefits and credits available to help pay for services like ours (and many more)! Just ask us how!

We will work with you to review your current benefits plan to explain exactly how much you may be eligible to claim back each year as we do with all our clients.