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How To Combat Anxiety And Stress With Supplements?

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Anxiety and stress are two common symptoms of our era.

Everyone knows what stress is. But many people may not be aware of how common stress is. A 2015 study found that greater than half of the primary care population within working age faced stress at some point. Around two-thirds of these individuals showed a great degree of burnout, while about half of them also showed potential ED. Different people use various ways to naturally relieve their stress, like relaxation breathing. Others try out other professional techniques such as aromatherapy or meditation as well. That said, you may not know about some anxiety and stress relief supplements that can help people who’ve lucked out on other stress relief methods.

Some emotions 101 for everyone.

The brain chemicals we’ve been mentioning are known as neurotransmitters. These are released under different physiological and emotional situations. Some people release smaller levels of these chemicals. Meanwhile, others get the right number of neurotransmitters in the body, but the chemicals aren’t long-lasting.

Either situation can result in a deficiency which causes many different symptoms. Acetylcholine is the brain chemical that can control cognitive thinking. It also controls transmission speed, thereby being involved in the sharpness of thought. This chemical can show lower levels in the body when people face depression or anxiety.

Meanwhile, your adrenal glands produce epinephrine which triggers stress and anxiety. This is especially important during unstable circumstances such as “fight or flight”. The glands also give out cortisol to depress the immune system. This also results in the depression of cognitive thinking.

Sometimes you just need happy chemicals

Serotonin is known as the “happy chemical” that helps control anxiety. Other chemicals you may be familiar with include dopamine and norepinephrine. These chemicals are the best natural defence against depressive and stressful reactions. Chances are if you’re feeling a lot better over time during your panic attack, these happy chemicals are responsible.

The best way to make use of the happy neurotransmitters is to raise the level of the chemicals in your bodies. For regular people, doing some normal activities like exercising or performing hobbies will usually do the trick. But, for people with problems with stress and anxiety, some extra help may be needed. That’s where supplements come in. GABA is the body's main neurotransmitter. It takes part in stress and is produced to manage anxiety without the use of drugs is called “GABA.” The chemical handles keeping you relaxed. It simultaneously preventing panic attacks and other episodes and symptoms of anxiety.

Pillars of Wellness provides many useful methods to ramp up your serotonin and GABA. All you need are the right anxiety relief supplements. Make sure to consult a professional before getting into any supplement regimen to make sure it is suitable for you.

So, what’s wrong with anti-anxiety medications?

For people who take anti-anxiety medications, they are all too familiar with the side effects. These drugs are very addictive and many have Alzheimer’s disease as a complicated risk. The drugs can reduce your brain’s functionality and health, by inhibiting the ability to produce GABA.

A common misconception is that the drug gabapentin can be useful to treat anxiety and stress. This is due to its association with the natural chemical GABA. In fact, you don’t generally need the drug for anxiety and stress.

Anxiety and stress relief does not need the involvement of drugs. You have a much better chance of relieving your anxiety using stress management techniques. These are natural with minimal side effects. Drugs known to treat stress and anxiety such as benzodiazepines can actually worsen the anxiety symptoms. That also means they need the tiring process of weaning off to deal with the side effects.

Vitamins and anxiety

A study by the Institute of Endocrinology, Prague showed that people with depression and affective disorders had low vitamin D. You'd think a day out in the sun would do the trick. But too much sun exposure can risk skin cancer, which is why vitamin D supplements are a good choice. Magnesium also has a pretty crucial role in the body’s function, but many people still suffer from magnesium deficiency. The mineral is an anti-anxiety chemical. This prevents over-excitability of the neurons, which can help prevent anxiety.

Magnesium deficiency is thereby going to cause increased panic attacks and anxiety episodes. When you’re emotional, any sort of stress can become a trigger. During everyday life, people will then face hyperactivity which will then become worse by the low magnesium levels. Magnesium can thus reduce the cortisol effects and toxicity to manage anxiety.

How vitamin D helped Shailesh deal with her anxiety?

Shailesh has been suffering from generalized anxiety disorder for decades. She took many different antipsychotics and anxiolytics prescribed to her by her psychiatrist. Over time, she realized that the drug’s lows weren’t worth the pay-off. That’s when her friend recommended vitamin D supplements.

After consulting her psychiatrist, Shailesh took vitamin D for two months. Once she started her natural supplements, everything changed. She soon had better motor skills, physical and mental strength. Shailesh also had fewer anxiety attacks than usual. Now she enjoys the benefits of her supplements. She no longer to deal with the side effects of her previous medications.

Can you really cut stress naturally?

The short answer is: yes! There are many different anxiety-suppressing supplements. These can do many things such as reducing sugar cravings, hunger, palpitations and other side effects common with stress. All you have to do is contact Pillars of Wellness, and you’re good to go!

Pillars of Wellness can help you decide which supplements are best suited to your needs. You avail the clinic’s useful homeopathic services to get the right supplements. Also, you can enjoy certain other stress-relieving practices. These include yoga, aromatherapy, naturopathy, physiotherapy and much more.

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Laurent Pinci
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