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You will find our latest news in Burlington, updates and events on this page! Some news relates to medical and science technology, others relates to case studies or news about our services, team members, and healthcare. We are also including news about some interviews we did, as well as articles journalists wrote about Pillars of Wellness.

Pillars of Wellness is located in Burlington, part of Halton region. Our mission is to serve our community with the best care possible. With that in mind, it is also important to educate and bring awareness on anything new related to our services, conditions we treat and innovative technology related to healthcare.

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Pons Treatment At Pillars of Wellness

Two cutting-edge health technology in neuroplasticity for a synergistic impact in brain health

Pillars of Wellness is excited to announce a collaborative treatment program to help individuals in Southwest Ontario who are living with chronic physical and cognitive symptoms following a brain injury. The collaboration will combine two innovative, evidence-based programs under one roof at Pillars of Wellness. To learn more, click HERE

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Pillars of Wellness

Covid Long Haulers Online Rehab Group Program

Pillars of Wellness: Canada's First Online Rehab Group Program For COVID Long Haulers

BURLINGTON, Ontario — We would like to announce that Pillars of Wellness is launching Canada’s first online rehab group program designed for individuals that have had a diagnosis or symptoms of COVID-19 and are experiencing ongoing symptoms and issues that limit their ability to return to their usual daily activities or employment duties. Learn more by clicking HERE.

Covid Long Hauler Case Study

Pillars of Wellness recently started a new case study of a covid long-hauler suffering from lasting symptoms of covid-19. The Facebook page is dedicated to the rehabilitation and recovery of this covid long-hauler through assessments and treatments using different health services that benefits the individual. It is a 3-months program which will also include progress notes, photos and videos. To join click HERE.

The Morning Show With Global News

On March 16th, 2021 at 7:20 am, Lori Desjardine, co-owner and founder at Pillars of Wellness did a live #interview with Mike Stafford at The Morning Show from #globalnews. the topic was around "How clinics can help and support covid long haulers in their rehabilitation due to their long lasting symptoms that often affect their cognitive health and their day-to-day life." To listen to the interview, click HERE

CBC News Marketplace

Pillars of Wellness collaborated with CBC Marketplace for a short documentary over Covid Long-Haulers. Over 60 per cent of COVID-19 long-haulers said in the questionnaire they aren’t getting the medical treatment they need and many others reported they are stuck paying hundreds of dollars — some spending $10,000 or more. To watch the short documentary, click HERE.

Pillars of Wellness is currently offering a Covid Long Hauler Rehabilitation and Recovery Program.

Inside Halton News with Pillars of Wellness

Burlington clinic offers hope for COVID long-haulers

There is a glimmer of hope for COVID-19 long-haulers who suffer with lingering and debilitating cognitive deficiencies long after an initial bout of the disease.

“Long-haulers are slipping through the cracks,” said Susie Goulding, a long-hauler from Oakville who is fighting for more government recognition and support through her Facebook group, COVID Long-Haulers Support Group Canada, which has launched a petition. Learn more HERE

Vitamin B12 Injection At Pillars of Wellness

Why would you take a vitamin B12 Injection?

Vitamin B12 injections are effective in reversing a deficiency in individuals who have issues absorbing the vitamin from food sources or supplements. The absorption is usually impaired in elderly population, in individuals with low stomach acid or stomach surgery, inflammatory bowel disease or other causes of malabsorption such as medications (e.g. Metformin), parasites, etc. Learn more by clicking HERE.