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Seniors walking in the mall
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March 4, 2019
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March 12, 2019

How MPS Can Help You With Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain can be treated with MPS at Pillars of Wellness

Chronic pain - a global issue

A study shows that lower back pain is the number one cause of disability in the world. 80% of the total global population gets lower back pain at least once in their life. So, how effective is MPS for this condition? Well, the same study found that MPS offered 62% pain improvement initially. It provided an extra 30% improvement after two days. Overall, MPS provided 75% pain relief for chronic back pain.

So, what exactly is MPS?

According to PainPathways Magazine, microcurrent point stimulation (MPS) is an integrative electrotherapy option meant to treat chronic pain and other conditions. It's the first of its kind that controls the body's autonomic nervous system for pain management.

The basis of MPS includes:

  • The knowledge of how the pain cycle works
  • The understanding of acupuncture points and
  • The use of current stimulation

How does it work?

A device is used to find and apply DC micro-currents. This therapeutically activates specific points, which does a number of things. This includes relaxing muscles and controlling the nervous system. It also promotes the release of endorphins which are chemical painkillers in the body. The device works on active points precisely, so that it targets the body's nervous, muscle and endocrine systems all at once.

How effective is MPS?

MPS has shown amazing success in the treatment of chronic pain. The effects are safe and reliable. And the approach itself can offer total or partial pain relief between 60 to 85%. Most folks need 2 to 10 sessions for better results. Some patients may even need daily or weekly sessions.

MPS sessions are easily customizable according to any person's requirements. Each session that just needs 3 to 20 minutes. MPS is the perfect solution for patients who have no other way of dealing with chronic pain. If there are no medical, surgical or therapeutic approaches, this device is the next best thing.

MPS is the ideal integrative chronic pain protocol. It offers the benefit of integrating different healing methods into a single protocol. This means the therapy can provide much better results than other conventional pain treatments. All this is done in a much shorter time span.

MPS is convenient in that it can be accommodated into any clinical plan. This makes it a popular approach taken up by many pain relief clinics. In fact, there's a sure of MPS protocols being adopted in many clinical settings worldwide.

MPS should be used to treat:

  • Severe acute, chronic, or untreated pain
  • Acute pain in cases of trauma
  • Acute pain from complications during or after any surgery
  • Scars

If you are suffering from any pain, contact Pillars of Wellness now to get the proper treatment.

When must you avoid MPS?

While it doesn't have any known side effects, you should avoid therapy in certain cases:

  • It should not be a treatment option for symptomatic local pain if there has been no diagnosis of the underlying cause
  • Ensure it is not applied to areas of the body that have any cancerous masses or lesions
  • Do not use the device in parts of the skin that show any swelling, infection, or inflammation. For example, in the case of varicose veins
  • Avoid if you have severe infectious diseases or fever-inducing conditions
  • Pregnancy is a condition that has not been researched under MPS use. Thus, for safety reasons, it is best avoided if someone is pregnant
  • Patients who have pacemakers or other electrical medical requirements must also avoid MPS

What are the benefits of MPS?

MPS is one of many chronic pain treatments. There are many other medical, surgical and therapeutic methods. So, what makes it stand out from the crowd? Well, it is an innovative idea that differs from most conventional methods. Besides being an effective pain treatment method, MPS offers other benefits. It can be a better solution than other pain treatments because:

It involves a drug-free method of pain treatment

Chronic conditions like fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome usually use painkillers as a form of treatment. These painkillers often aren't effective. In fact, they instead provide other unwanted side effects. Other painkillers like opioids are also addictive and can leave patients dependent on the drugs.

Addiction, withdrawal, and abuse become huge problems in such patients. These can be just as frustrating and painful as the chronic pain itself, if not more. MPS acts on the principle of controlling the body's autonomic system without drugs. This means people can treat pain without worrying about addiction or other side effects.

It is a quicker approach than other conventional methods

One of the great benefits of MPS is its convenience. Not only does it use an easy approach, but it also offers effective results in less time. Most conditions affect the musculoskeletal system, which involves the muscles.

The idea is that by activating trigger points, you can act directly act on muscles and their nerves. This provides a shorter route of action. The therapy thus takes less time than other methods like drugs or surgery.

It is non-invasive

Surgery cannot treat most acute conditions. In situations where surgical intervention is possible, it comes with risk. MPS avoids the problem altogether by providing a noninvasive solution that treats chronic pain from the outside.

This means that you don't have to worry about complicated procedures and post-op complications. In fact, MPS is more effective than most surgical options for chronic pain. Hence it makes more sense to opt for this noninvasive approach.

How Pillars of Wellness can help?

Pillars of Wellness if a multidisciplinary clinic based in Burlington. It offers different therapies like yoga, MPS, acupuncture and more. You can consult the right specialists to find out which therapy works for you. Call now and get an appointment for your pain treatment.

Laurent Pinci
Laurent Pinci
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