Ligament Sprain

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Physical injuries are always going to be a problem. Whether you have an accident, or physically overwork yourself, it’s nearly impossible to avert any physical injury all your life.

The imperative thing is to make sure to avoid injuries as much as possible, and in case you do get hurt, make sure to get a proper checkup from a professional, rest, and follow appropriate treatment plans so as not to exacerbate the problem. One of the common injuries that people face is ligament sprain.

What exactly are sprains?

Mayo Clinic explains that sprains involve ligament stretches or tears. Ligaments are strong bands of fibrous connective tissue between two bones in any joints. According to WebMD, ligament sprain generally occur when someone trips, twists or gets hurt in a way that moves the body in an abnormal position. The most prevalent kind of sprain is an ankle sprain.

According to the Canadian Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society, around 25,000 persons get sprained ankles every day. Individuals who usually face such injuries are physically active individuals like runners who fall and twist their ankles, or baseball players who twist their knees while playing. Wrist and thumb sprains can be especially seen in sports such as skiing, because of falling on an outstretched hand.

How do I know I have a sprain?

The symptoms of most ligament sprains are quite common, such as pain, inflammation, and bruising over the injury. Depending on the severity of the injury, pain can be mild, moderate or intense. The worse the injury, the harder it is to move.

Sprains are usually divided into specific grades, including:

  • Grade 1 with mild ligament stretches or tears, resulting in minimal instability of the joint.
  • Grade 2 with a more severe partial tear, resulting in a looser joint.
  • Grade 3 with complete tearing or rupturing of the ligament. It feels similar to a broken bone even though no broken bones are involved since patients can’t put any weight on their joints or use the affected area due to the instability of the joint.

Folks with mild ankle sprains usually prefer the injured ankle, while those with more severe ankle sprains face more pain and have trouble walking. Make sure to get yourself checked at Pillars of Wellness if you’re feeling any pain or difficulty moving your body in case of an injury to get the right treatment. Our Chiropractor or Physiotherapist can help you with reliable and efficient treatment.

How do I diagnose it?

Your doctor will ask you about any previous accidents or injuries and conduct a physical exam to see the affected area. This will include an inspection for inflammation and bruising, as well as testing for movement in the area to check for pain or restricted motion. For more severe cases, your doctor may suggest X-rays to rule out fractures, as well as an MRI to inspect your ligaments.

How do I treat it?

RICE Therapy

The go-to treatment for any sprain is “RICE” therapy, which involves:

  • Rest: Avoid putting weight on the injury or lifting with an injured wrist or elbow for 24-48 hours. Get a consult at Pillars of Wellness if you have difficulty putting weight on your knees or problems with moving around after a fall.
  • Ice: Icing constricts blood vessels to reduce inflammation and relieve both pain and swelling. Place some ice in a damp cloth or a plastic bag and ice your injury every for 10 minutes, and then rest 30 minutes before starting again. This is significant for the first three days. Icing for too long can aggravate your injury, so remember to take breaks.
  • Compression: For that you should wrap your knee, ankle, wrist, or elbow with a compression sleeve or using elastic bandage to reduce the swelling.
  • Elevation: Keep the injured area on a pillow and elevate it above heart level to keep fluid from accumulating in the area, so you prevent excessive swelling.

RICE therapy is especially crucial in the first 24-72 hours after a sprain occurs. During the therapy, you can opt for painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication to aid with the pain and swelling. Get an appointment at Pillars of Wellness to see which medication is suited for you and see if RICE therapy is working for you properly.

As the pain and swelling gradually improve, you can hold down on RICE therapy and begin slowly moving the affected area. You’ll only need to ice and compress the end of the day since swelling and pain usually flare up after using the area the whole day.

Physical Therapy

Most folks can’t wait to move again but remember not to rush it since you could just make the ligament sprain worse the area and make it worse. That said, you shouldn’t rest the sprain for too long since soreness and scar tissue can inhibit your motion even more.

It’s best to gain physical activity in your sprain slowly. A physiotherapist can suggest specific exercises to help you get back to your regular lifestyle gradually at an appropriate pace. If you’ve sprained your ankle, you can start by walking at a slow pace on a flat treadmill, followed by gradual movement over an incline, and then finally jog.

People with a sprained wrist can start with exercises that focus on their range of motion, and then shift to light weight-lifting. Slight discomfort is to be expected during physical therapy. That said, a sudden flare of intense pain can indicate that you need to take a step back and slow down the pace. Talk to you’re a physical therapist at Pillars of Wellness in such a situation.

How Physiotherapist or Chiropractor can help you regain your normal routine

Deb McGriff sprained the right side of his body from a fall, injuring his lower back, hip, and right ankle. He couldn’t sit, stand, lie down or walk without feeling pain. That’s when Deb decided to get physical therapy, and son he was on his way to feeling the best he’d ever felt the world.

Within 4 weeks his hip and lower back pain were healed, and consistent therapy of his right ankle led him to be completely pain-free. If you want to get better like Deb, make an appointment with Pillars of Wellness to get the treatment and therapy you need!