Osteoarthritis Treatment

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Optimum Health is one of nature’s greatest blessings. Millions of individuals are out there who suffer from fatal diseases. When you feel something out of order in your body, even if that is a slight change, consult your doctor immediately. Often, reaching the doctor late is the problem. Sometimes, the disease spreads and there is no way of its turning back. It is better to see a doctor on time then to regret afterward.

One of the prevalent problems folks are going through is Arthritis. People know about it but they are not properly aware of this particular disease. One of the common misunderstandings is that it only happens to old age persons. It is untrue as it can happen to anyone even kids or young, however, old persons are more vulnerable to it.

It is a kind of joint pain or joint disease and not just a single disease, known as Arthritis. However, it embraces further types. One of these types is “Osteoarthritis.” No doubt, it’s one of the harmful diseases, yet its treatment is possible if you consult top-notch Physiotherapists.

What is Osteoarthritis?

It is one of the most known forms of arthritis. A substance known as cartilage is at the ends of our bones and it protects the bones from rubbing against each other and causing damage. When this cartilage substance wears away or is reduced to a degree where comes a point at which bones start to rub against each other. This can cause severe pain, swelling and results in stiffness.

Moreover, it can damage any joint of the body but there are more chances of it affecting the joints of hands, knees, spine, and hips. It does not occur all at once. It begins slowly and gradually develops with a little pain in the beginning.

It is reported that before the age of 45, it usually occurs in males. On the other hand, after 55 years of age, it is more likely to occur in females. The pain can become persistent and joints slowly start losing strength. Osteoarthritis is also known as “Degenerative Arthritis”.

What are the causes?

Degenerative arthritis occurs when the cartilage substance in our bones starts degenerating. It is the cushion like cartilage that protects our bones from any damages. It starts to become rough in the beginning and then slowly, it deteriorates while ending. That is when the bones start to rub against each other and you hear cracking sound of your joints.

Excess weight, hereditary, aging, previous injury, all these factors can cause Osteoarthritis. It can occur without family history as well. It can sometimes happen to anyone without some specific cause. When the cause of it occurring is not known, it is known as Primary osteoarthritis and when the cause is known, it is said to be Secondary osteoarthritis.

Primary osteoarthritis usually occurs from some natural cause and not from some injury. It is mostly due to age factor. When the person is aging, the water content in the cartilage increases and protein is made less by the body naturally. It then results in the degeneration of cartilage. In Secondary osteoarthritis, is more likely to be caused by some other disease or maybe an injury.


The symptoms of osteoarthritis don’t emerge overnight; they emerge slowly and get worse over time. The symptoms of osteoarthritis are:

Pain: Whenever you move, your joints hurt you because of that movement. The rubbing of bones is the cause of the pain. If you notice this kind of pain, instead of delaying in check-up, instantly call Pillars of Wellness at 905-637-4000 and get yourself checked up to avert any serious issue.

Tender bones: The bones of your body ultimately become tender. Even a light pressure on your bones seems unbearable. People suffering from arthritis should not put pressure or weight on their bones.

No flexibility: The bones no longer remain flexible. Due to the loss of cartilage, they are more stiff and rough.

Grating sensation: It is a common symptom of osteoarthritis. You may hear grating sensation while your move your joints.

Loss of motion: The loss of cartilage gradually results in loss of motion. It starts with knee pain, finger pain, ankle pain, hip pain, spine pain, writer or shoulder pain.

Swelling: Creaking, swelling and warmth of the affected joins are also a common symptom of osteoarthritis.


Even at this time when things are easy and can be done by the machines, there is no blood test for osteoarthritis. A blood test is only done in order to eliminate diseases that cause secondary osteoarthritis.

X-rays are done in order to know about osteoarthritis. Other than this there are some tests performed by medical professionals to check and eliminate factors that lead to osteoarthritis.

Arthrocentesis and arthroscopy are done by doctors to diagnose and treat this disease. They inject and take out samples from the affected part and then observe them cautiously to know about the disease. A meticulous analysis of location and duration can help the doctors in diagnosing whether the patient is suffering from osteoarthritis or not.

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There are medicines, which reduce pain and inflammation of the joints, but there is no specific treatment to eliminate it completely from the bones. Weight loss and avoiding activities in which pressure is exerted on the joints or bones should be avoided. Weight loss is immediately recommended by the doctors as obesity is one of the major causes of osteoarthritis. Some patients do not have much pain and they do not need special treatments. Others can get treatments and recommendations like exercise, control of diet, physical therapy, or mechanical support. Pillars of Wellness are also offering Holistic Nutrition, Yoga/meditation, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Chiropractic to name a few. Swimming is also suggested to patients suffering from osteoarthritis. Other than these, stationary cycling, walking, and light weight training are also suggested by physicians.

If the problems advance, physical therapists provide the patients with canes or walkers as supporting devices. They are constantly trained and told not to lose hope.

In the end, it is recommended to look after yourself before landing into a trouble of any disease. Safety is better than treatment. It highly recommends eating healthy, having a healthy lifestyle, and contact Pillars of Wellness’ physiotherapist to avoid diseases like osteoarthritis. A regular exercise can also help greatly in living healthy and having strong bones.

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