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Soccer Injury – Prevention & Treatment
November 6, 2018
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November 6, 2018

Football Injury – How Physiotherapy Can Help?

How Physiotherapy Treats Football Injuries | Burlington Physiotherapy

Preventing and Treating a Football Injury with Physiotherapy

Sports are one of those activities that provide exercise without making it seem like a chore. For as far back as history can remember, competitive sport has always been appreciated for the performance, skills, strength and of course, entertainment. If you have ever played a sport or prefer watching, you know that it can get rowdy sometimes. There are many athletes that suffer from sports-related injuries every year. We will be discussing more in details the Football injury in this article.

Let us discuss some of the results shown by the Canadian Community Health Survey. It was estimated that around 15% of the Canadian population aged 12 or older suffered from an activity-limiting injury in the year. That is around 4.27 million Canadians suffering from a sports injury. And the injury was enough to affect their daily activities. Two out of every three injury cases in children and adolescents are sports-related.

Much of the Canadian youth is much taken by after-school hockey. But there is a rising interest and passion seen for other international sports as well. For example, soccer and tennis, are very popular among children and adults. Another sport that has grown in popularity for many years is football. While players have good protection, it doesn’t stop athletes to get hurt.

Football and the rate of in-sport injuries

Football has a greatly passionate following all over the country. Thousands of people watch the sport with a large amount of interest and dedication. Students are given scholarships to universities based on their sports caliber in football. These students then get coached to play on a national level. It is not just a sport, but can also prove to be a great opportunity.

Football is a full-contact sport and players receive a lot of physical hits. This is also because of the gear they wear, and the very nature of the game. Football involves two eleven-player teams. These teams strategically aim for full territorial control of the playing field. And this is done by passing an oval ball from one end to the other. The game sometimes involves almost wresting the ball out of a player’s hands and running at high speeds. So, naturally, there are a lot of high-speed collisions and bruises going around. Football is one of the more violent games played worldwide.

Sports Injury Physiotherapist in Burlington

Common injuries football players face

Because of the hyper-physical contact nature of the game, it is natural for the players to have a physiotherapist at hand at all times. Physiotherapy is an important therapy in the sportsman building toolbox. It pays in the long run to have a physiotherapist on the field ready to administer physical “first-aid” in the event of an injury. Often, this very thing can help in recovery in leaps and bounds. A physiotherapist can also provide the player relief in great pain.

Younger players are more likely to suffer sprains and strains. This is because it takes time for the joints and ligaments to fully mature. This makes them more susceptible to fracture and injury. Football players mostly suffer from the four main football injury:

  • Strains
  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Sprains

Football players are mostly injured in their shoulder, knees, and ankles. Since there is a lot of close and full contact, however, there are many places that could be hurt. Some of the worst football injury that football players suffer are not even tangibly obvious sometimes. The only marker of their existence is the pain that they cause. Some of the worst injuries suffered by players are:

  • ACL tear: This is a very painful football injury. The ligament in the knee tears with an audible pop sound. Immediate surgery is required for rehabilitation. That can take up to 6-12 months, even.
  • Hamstring strains: Hamstring strains can be very limiting for players. The injury requires thorough physiotherapy. It is advised to put ice on the leg as soon as possible after the injury. The faster the application of the first aid, the faster the rehabilitation process.
  • Dislocated shoulder: Even the thought of a dislocated shoulder might bring up the phantom pain. It is quite a painful predicament for a player to find himself in. It is necessary for the shoulder to be set as soon as possible and then iced. This is to prevent it from causing further problems in the player’s football career.
  • Concussions: A concussion is considered a serious football injury that can wreak havoc on a professional football player’s career. A concussion occurs when the head suffers a traumatic injury. Concussions are serious because they are hidden injuries. Players may be all right for a while, but the effects of it can appear later after the injury. It is important to understand its seriousness. A concussion is a brain injury, and therefore, must be treated as soon as possible. In a survey, football is estimated to be among the top sports with high rates of concussions.

How physiotherapy can help with a football injury

Pillars of Wellness Clinic in Burlington caters to sports injuries with innovative technology and expert practitioners. A football injury can mean the end of a professional football career if not treated properly and on time. The Clinic treats a football injury with seriousness. With the right exercise and treatment, players can get back on to the field as soon as possible. Physiotherapy helps in the relief from pain as well. Expert physiotherapists can use the following modalities (to name a few) to make sure the football player goes through a perfect recovery:

  • Real-time Ultrasound
  • TENS
  • E-Simulation
  • Cryotherapy
  • Heat Therapy

The Clinic also offers chiropractic care and acupuncture, which can help with alignment, muscle pain, neuro-musculoskeletal injuries. If you have been battling pain from a football injury, don’t wait any longer! Visit our physiotherapist.

Laurent Pinci
Laurent Pinci
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