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How Physiotherapy Can Help With Hockey Injuries

Injured Hockey Player Stretchered

Does hockey injuries happen often?

Hockey is a very physical sport thus injuries are frequent. Markets are flooded with high-end hockey gear and you can try warming up or stretches before the game but it cannot guarantee hockey injuries. Players are prone to straining their hip and groin muscles due to the repetitive action of skating that puts a lot of pressure on to the flexors. A strained muscle can prove to be a rather bothersome injury. If not treated on time the healing process may take longer.

How to avoid hockey injuries?

Hockey injuries can be avoided by ensuring that both, the right and left, flexors are equally strong and flexible. This can be done via exercise. Stretches targeting the hip, abdominal, back and lower back areas are also helpful in relieving stress.

It is common knowledge to warm up before any game; however, it is equally as important to allow your body to cool down afterward. Both should be done regularly before and after the game and must include a few stretches and exercises. Using the right equipment can also reduce the likelihood of injury. Shock absorbent shin-guards should be worn in practice session and informal games. Mouth guards are another important piece to help prevent any dental injuries.

How to handle hockey injuries?

Although stretching is a good method to warm up the truth is that accidents might occur at any time. Hockey is considered to be one of Canada’s most dangerous games. Coaches are well aware and they always make sure to prepare the athletes with a good condition to reduce hockey injuries. If you are injured, it is highly recommended that you see a physiotherapist who can provide you with a prognosis and lend his expert opinion.

Physiotherapy has proven to be helpful in many cases of injuries. A hockey player came into our center at Pillars of Wellness with a sprained ankle. He was a good, seasoned player. With the help of successive scheduled physiotherapy sessions, he was able to join his team on the ice before the season was over.

Common injuries and How Physiotherapy Helps

The unfortunate truth is that injuries are a part of any sport, thus it is no surprise that they are common in hockey as it is a physical sport. However, there are treatments for these injuries.


It is very important to ice an injury as soon as it is received this is because the healing of the wound can only begin after the swelling has subsided. Methods of treatment most prevalent to fix a sprained ankle are deep-tissue massage, friction therapy, physical therapy, and exercises to increase stability.

Pulled Groin:

The first and foremost thing to do if you pull a groin muscle or ligament is to get it looked at. Do not delay the assessment as it may develop into a bigger problem. A trained and licensed physiotherapist can easily assess the damage suffered. They can also help you with which combination or stand-alone stretches and soft tissue massages and mobilization will provide the best and fastest recovery results.

Hip Pains:

Hip pains when it comes to hockey are not only limited to the groin and the hips; rather they extend to the back and the lower back. This is due to the layers having to bend while playing the sport. The flexors of both, the legs and the hips, can turn out to be shorter. This usually results in the tightening and loss of balance, the eventual result, however, is pain located in the back. The most effective method of dealing with issues arising because of the hip flexors is to actively seek out physiotherapy. The therapist will know which muscle of the hip or abdominal needs stretching, or if it is a core issue or whether deep tissue massage would be better suited.


Concussions are a reality in hockey, albeit a scary one. They are becoming a common occurrence in the game. Perhaps the most worrying part of the injury is that people who suffer it might not even sometimes be aware of it. This usually leads to an even bigger problem, so if you ever have a head injury while playing any sports make sure that you have it looked at by a healthcare professional. Moreover, always wear protective headgear whether it is a match or a practice session.

Sports Injury Physiotherapist in Burlington

Do not ignore the injury

Most people tend to ignore injuries when they first occur, especially in it is out on the field or the ice where the tensions run high. However, it is important to care for getting proper treatment at the right time and to not further stress out an injury.

The joints and muscles experience a lot of stress while playing a physically grueling sport such as hockey. Thus, it is important for players to incorporate exercises that help to strengthen and stabilize weaker muscles in order to avoid injuries. However, on the off chance that you do suffer one do not despair, stop, take a break and seek out professional help from a physical therapist. This will help the problem not spiral out of control.

Pillars of Wellness in Burlington (ON) is a clinic and wellness center. Here we know how stressful dealing with an injury can prove to be. It takes a toll on both, physically and mentally. Especially if it the pain is a remnant from an old injury that you cannot seem to get rid of or manage.

At Pillars of Wellness, you are privy to a wide range of services that can help you manage both the pain and stress associated with hockey injuries.

Some of the services we offer for physiotherapy are:

At the clinic, you can find very experienced physiotherapists to work with you on a one-on-one basis. They help in drawing up a customized set of exercises, stretches, and therapeutic modalities. This will ensure that your injury is getting all the treatment it needs no matter where it is in the recovery cycle.

The customization plan is important as it helps in providing the best health care for the patient. Treating an injury can prove to a long and tiresome process and going to an inexperienced individual or leaving it alone can further aggravate it. Thus, at the clinic, we work to ensure that your recovery period is reduced by working in tight collaboration with all the practitioners. This model of integrated care helps to treat the whole person vs the injury alone.

Laurent Pinci
Laurent Pinci
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