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Postpartum Back Pain – How To Deal With It?


Don't Let Postpartum Back Pain Spoil Your Joy of Becoming Mom!

You May Know:
  • 90% of women experience low back pain during pregnancy.
  • About 75% of women struggle with low back pain after delivery.
In this post, you will come to know about:
  • The causes of back pain during and after pregnancy.
  • How to get rid of postpartum back pain?

Motherhood – is a unique time for every woman's life. You do not just give birth to a new life, but it’s your rebirth as well. The moment your adorable newborn comes into your arms, there are no words to explain that overjoyed feelings. But postpartum back pain can ruin your ecstatic moment.

Therefore, we, Pillars of Wellness – popular for our postpartum back pain physiotherapy in Burlington, have decided to find some quick back pain solutions so that you can spend every second with your baby.

So, let's get started!

What Are the Causes of Back Pain During and After Pregnancy?

There are numerous reasons why a new mom's back may turn out to be vulnerable. We, all as mothers, may pass more or less through the same physical challenges! You'll very likely find yourself in the following lines.

So, scroll a bit down to know why is your back aching?

  1. Change in center of gravity.

In pregnancy days, your body’s center of gravity shifts forward. You might know the reason: the belly starts getting bigger, and your pelvis naturally rolls forward into an anterior pelvic tilt. As a result, your low back gets arched.

After delivery, your body's center of gravity change again. A quick change in your back posture is a call for postpartum back pain!

  1. Growing breasts

Heavier breasts can change the arc of the spine and slump your shoulders. As a result, lower back pain is one of the biggest complaints from new mums. Unfortunately, postpartum back pain can hit any area alongside the spine.

  1. Hormones

As the name suggests, Relaxin is a hormone produced by the ovary and the placenta that relaxes women's muscles, joints, and ligaments. Unfortunately, around three months after birth, the quantity of this hormone remains high, and your muscles, joints, and ligaments are not strong enough to support the body's core. As a result, back pain after pregnancy.

  1. Labor and delivery or cesarean delivery (C-section)

If you have passed through labor and normal baby delivery (vaginal delivery), then moms, you most likely remember that you had used muscles and different positions to push the baby.

And undoubtedly, it's not easy work. Some muscles and joints are stressed out and over expended. Hence pain in the back. However, it doesn't mean that C-section mums are safe. Scar tissues adhesions can also result in low back pain.

  1. Baby’s weight

If a woman gains more than her physician or doctor recommended or is overweight during pregnancy, there are likely chances of back pain after birth due to weight pressure on the back.

Even if you have gained recommended amount of weight, your baby's weight may put extra stress and strain on your muscles and joints, especially on your knees, lower abdominal muscles, lower back, and hips.

Many women state that losing weight after pregnancy can be time-consuming. Hold on there! It's not impossible. A healthy diet, dedication, and correct postpartum exercises can help you achieve your desired weight.

Moreover, you take postpartum physiotherapy sessions from 'Pillars of Wellness' experts. They, located in Burlington, surely assist you better in achieving your weight loss goal.

  1. No time for ourselves.

We, women, have to play multiple roles and perform multiple tasks in our lives. From morning breakfast to office meetings, we have to manage everything. If it can explain in one single line, we often burn the candle from both ends!

And when a new role of "mom" adds into our life, with the emotion of joy, great responsibilities come on our shoulders.

  • Being up all night,
  • The brain is always on high alert,
  • Visiting office,
  • Taking care of family and many more.

This battered body and tiredness combination triggers back pain and other health issues. So, moms, while taking care of others, please give some time to you too.


How to Get Rid of Postpartum Back Pain? | Pillars of Wellness

As you know the different causes of postpartum back pain, let's move a step further and discuss some important tips that may help you recover from this difficult phase.

Here we go…

  1. Strengthen your core.

The immediate postpartum period is challenging and crucial for mothers, both mentally and physically. Moreover, new mothers have to deal with pelvic floor weakness and diastasis recti. In addition, a woman's body deals with lots of changes during pregnancy and after birth, so avoid rushing to a fitness regimen. Instead, you have to focus on how to recover properly.

  1. Kick-off with gentle stretching.

Gentle stretching is one of the best options to ease postpartum back pain. Stay conservative. Your stretching should never be painful and ensure you always feel better after a short stretching session. But before you add stretching exercises to your daily life routine, it's always good to ask first your doctor or physician about it.

  1. Have 'me-time'

Sometimes it's good to put yourself first. Give some time to your health. Start with taking regular healthy diet. A good diet is a key to good physical and mental health. Next, try to take a good sleep to make you feel better.

Place a hot water bag on your back. An ice pack can also prove as a good option. Ask your also doctor what will be best for you. In addition, you can ask your partner for a light massage.

  1. Book an appointment with a good physiotherapist.

After the baby arrives, the mother's body has to get back from the body changes made during pregnancy and after delivery. Usually, during vaginal delivery, a new mother's pelvis is pulled out of balance.

And suppose a mother had passed through a C-section. In that case, a good physiotherapist can evaluate your C-section scar and start treating the area with scar massage to separate the scar tissue, usually responsible for pelvic floor and abs dysfunction and back pain.

You can rely on “Pillars of Wellness” center. For us, your well-being is very important. Our physiotherapy center, located in Burlington, offers dedicated chiropractic and integrated care services.

Wrap up

Enjoy the euphoria of motherhood and give some time to yourself to get fully recovered, physically and mentally. Remember that your health should be your priority, and if you are not physically and mentally strong, taking care of your baby and other loved ones will become unmanageable.

Laurent Pinci
Laurent Pinci
Pillars of Wellness is a truly Integrated Healthcare Centre providing a high degree of collaboration and communication among health providers.