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Why Counselling Services Are Important For Your Mental Health

Counselling Services At Pillars of Wellness

Your Guide To Counselling Services In Burlington

If you are looking for counselling in Burlington, you will probably find a number of different counselling services available. The most well-known services are those provided by registered counsellors such as Master Social Workers. Pillars of Wellness offers counselling services for both adults and adolescents. It is one of the larger centres offering counselling services in Burlington. It is also located in the Aldershot community.

Pillars of Wellness offers many different types of counselling services for people who are struggling with various disorders and concerns. These include addictions, depression and anxiety, couples therapy, and anger management counselling. There are other counselling services that are offered at this facility as well. Some of these include counselling to deal with Post-traumatic stress disorder or trauma, counselling to deal with any phobias that one may have, and many other things.

Types of counselling services in Burlington

Our counselling services in Burlington are usually conducted online or in-person depending if you are living in Halton region. Most people are dealing with anxiety or depression these days. A lot have to do with the current covid-19 crisis. However, many counselling services are also focused on couples therapy.

This includes relationships within the family, among peers, and anywhere else that relationships may go. There are many couples that come to counselling in Burlington that face many marital problems. One of the challenges that many couples face when it comes to counselling is that they may feel that their counselling needs are not being met.

Then we have people suffering from a traumatic experience. It can be a trauma related to a car accident, a childhood trauma, PTSD from a violent exposure to an event.

For many people, a counselling session will be the first time that they will be counselling with someone outside of their immediate family. There are many different types of counselling in Burlington, other than our clinic. There are family counselling, sex counselling, working counselling, and various other kinds of counselling services.

Couples Therapy At Pillars of Wellness

Couples Therapy

For couples living in Burlington area that are having trouble overcoming some of their problems, there are counsellors that will help them work through their issues. There are couples therapy counsellors that can help a couple to build trust and make it easier to communicate. Some of the couples therapy in Burlington are specially designed just for married couples.

For example, Dr. Stephanie Baker has tremendous experience in marriage counselling or couples therapy.

Dealing With Anxiety or Depression

It can be exhausting dealing with anxiety or depression. You don't have to manage that alone. There are lots of evidence that counselling for anxiety or depression can have very successful results. Most of time, counsellors will use cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). It's a very effective modality.

When a person has anxiety and/or depression issues, they often turn to a counselling service. Many counselling services offer depression support in addition to anxiety support. It is important to note that anxiety and depression should be treated separately. Not only do they need their own separate treatment, but they also need counselling services that are tailored just for them.

Counselling services in Burlington with Pillars of Wellness

Your Mental Health Is Important

In conclusion, counselling in Burlington offers great benefits to a number of different individuals and couples. There are many different types of counselling services available. The counselling in Burlington is provided by a number of registered therapists and organizations that specialize in different types of mental health conditions.

This type of specialized environment offers a safe and comfortable place to manage these types of mental health conditions. The counselling services in Burlington are quite affordable. It ranges between $119 and $140 depending if your session is online or in-person. Most of the counselling services in Burlington are offered as one-on-one but you can also find group settings.

A number of different things can be accomplished in our counselling clinic in Burlington. Some of the things that can be accomplished include virtual reality therapy. Virtual reality therapy deals with the way you deal with stressful situations without being there. Individuals who suffer from anxiety, depression or trauma will benefit from virtual reality therapy.

Should you need to speak to a health professional specialized in counselling or mental health, feel free to contact us. Our therapists are currently accepting new clients.

Laurent Pinci
Laurent Pinci
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