Spinal Joint Manipulation

Spinal joint manipulation is a passive therapy technique. Sometimes it is also called spinal manipulative therapy. As the term suggests, it has to do with the adjustment, or manipulation, of the spine. In spinal joint manipulation, a trained professional adjusts a misalignment in the spinal cord.

Spinal joint manipulation seems to have come to the fore in recent times. The technique is actually an ancient technique for therapy. It can be traced back to traditional Chinese medicine. The Greeks also possessed medicinal texts explaining the usage of spinal relaxation. The therapy has been practiced on and off for centuries.

How does spinal joint manipulation work?

A spinal joint manipulation is a form of manual therapy. It is used to treat back problems and chronic pain. The therapy is preferred by people who prefer natural holistic treatments over prescription drugs.

The spinal joint is responsible for the boy’s movement and balance. The spine houses the body’s natural fighting capabilities. This refers to the central nervous system. Out nervous system lies along the spine. Chiropractors believe that a misalignment in the spine may be the root cause of most chronic diseases. A misalignment, or a subluxation, might be affecting the body’s natural defense system. According to advocates of the therapy, many diseases can be cured by simply adjusting your spine.

What causes this misalignment? There can be a variety of reasons. Some have to do with being born with a shifted vertebra. This could also have been caused by an overuse injury or a traumatic injury.

How is the treatment carried out?

The therapy for spinal joint problems is of two different types. These are manipulation and mobilization. In spinal manipulation, the chiropractor physically adjusts the spine. Using their hands, they correct the position of the vertebra or the joint. This is what causes the sound of a crack or pop. It is quite like when someone cracks their knuckles. Spinal mobilization uses less forceful movements. In this type, the joint or vertebra is ‘coaxed’ into place. Sometimes the practitioner uses a device called an activator.

Is the treatment safe?

The results of the treatment remain widely speculative. In some cases, the treatment has been seen to work wonders. In others, there has been almost no effect. It remains controversial in the wide spectrum of physical therapy. Many osteopaths and naturopath doctors use spinal joint manipulation in their treatments.

The proper treatment is painless and very safe. This is why it is important that a certified chiropractor carries out the treatment. Chiropractors are the best suited to carry out spinal joint manipulation. This is because they understand the bone and joint systems of the body. A certified chiropractor also understands whether manipulation is truly necessary. Their ability for diagnosis of physical ailments is what makes them singular in the physical therapy field.

Spinal joint manipulation must only be carried out under doctor’s orders. And always in the care of an expert and certified practitioner.

*Did You Know: Chiropractors are trained with a 4-year post-graduate degree including over 1000 hours of clinical hours before graduating. We use a very specific and gentle technique to create movement in joints. The noise that you may hear is air escaping the joint capsule. Add on 1000’s more hours of treatment in practice and this makes us experts in our field of adjusting!

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