Cleanse and Detox

In today’s society there are so many ways to cleanse, and so many new products telling why and how we should. Let me break it down for you a little bit though. There are a number of reasons why we want to cleanse our body. The primary of which is to rid our bodies of unwanted chemicals and toxins that build up from our food, cosmetics, environments etc. By cleansing, we encourage our cells to release all of these unwanted substances. This initial cleanse grants us so many of the other beneficial reasons to do so.

The following are a list of secondary benefits:

  • Get that beautiful healthy glow
  • Re-alkalinize the body
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Breaking negative food addictions
  • Increase energy
  • and so many more.

Different types of cleanses:

Parasite cleanse

We take in microscopic parasites every day through our food, our pets, walking barefoot in the grass, and various other sources. Most cultures have natural cleanses built into their diets though, such as the amount of garlic with Italian cuisine. For us North Americans however, we have very little built into our society to help us eliminate these pesky little guys, which is why it’s important to do a parasite cleanse at least once per year. Parasites can attribute to slow metabolism, fatigue, poor digestions and the list goes on.

What to expect on this cleanse: This cleanse comes with a strict diet as well as some supplementation to help with the cleansing process. This is also a longer cleanse and should be done for at least 6 weeks. There are 3 different stages to this cleanse as well, so for this reason, one should plan to come back and see me at least 3 times before each switch to access how the cleanse is going and make sure the individual is prepared for the next phase.

Candida Cleanse

Candida is a naturally occurring yeast bacteria within the gut, but it is also a very aggressive bacteria, and can easily take over if the gut flora conditions are off by even a touch. Candida can also happen solely in the gut, or become systemic and start affecting most areas of the body as well if kept unchecked. Symptoms associated with Candida are fatigue, pain, inflammation, chronic infections, low blood pressure, rashes, brain fog and so much more. It also is known to take over following periods of antibiotics, periods of lowered health, during stressful times, poor dietary choices, being hospitalized or when healing from severe burns.

What to expect on this cleanse: This cleanse comes with a strict dietary change, as well as supplementation to help with the bacteria die off. It is a longer cleanse and should be done for at least 2-3 months. There are also 2-3 stages of this cleanse, so for this reason, it is important to check in with follow-ups ever 3-4 weeks in order to ensure it’s a healthy process and you are achieving the desired progress.

Raw Food Cleanse

Much like the juice cleanse, this cleanse is a great option for those people wanting a nutrient boost, to reboot the system, get that glowy skin, or lose weight. It is a gentler cleanse though and may be easier on the beginner cleanser as it is shorter in duration and also easier because you are still consuming whole foods.

What to expect from this cleanse: Usually this cleanse is done for 2-4 weeks, on an 80/20 scale. What we mean by this is 80% of your diet will consist of raw foods (foods that have are fresh and have not been subjected to heat). The other 20% are healthy whole grains & fermented foods. This cleanse is a shorter cleanse, but two visits are still recommended – one initial consult, as well as a follow-up nearing the middle to end.

Soup Cleanse

Soup cleansing is a relatively new phenomenon that has gained a lot of traction. The idea behind this cleanse is that one only consumes water and blended foods such as smoothies and soups. This cleanse is a great way to get tons of nutrient-rich food easily into your system, in a form that is much easier for your body to break down. For those having digestive issues, this cleanse can be very helpful because half of the work is already done by your blender. It is also great for boosting energy levels and losing weight.

What to expect: For this cleanse you must have your own blender or food processor. You will be given various soup and smoothie recipes to use during your cleanse. It is often done for approximately 2 weeks, but this cleanse duration can be adapted to suit the individual. At least two visits are necessary for this cleanse – one initial consult with our Holistic Nutritionist, and then a follow-up towards the middle to end of the cleanse.

Raw Juice Cleanse

Juice cleansing is a form of cleansing where you only drink fresh, cold-pressed juices, herbal teas, and water for a specified period of time- generally 3, 5 or 7 days. This cleanse is amazing for brightening the skin, boosting metabolism, increasing energy and rebooting the body, as it floods your system with tons of nutrient-rich nectar! It is also extremely easy on the GI tract because it relieves the system from having fiber to deal with and so great healing can be done during this time

What to expect on this cleanse: This is a shorter, but more intense cleanse. There is a period before and after where you want to “pre-cleanse” and so 2 visits during this time are necessary, to both prepare, and then make sure you have the right tools in place to come back out of the cleanse healthily!

If you wish to receive more information and/or make an appointment for a cleanse and detox program please contact us. We are conveniently located in Burlington, Aldershot.