Homeopathy in Burlington

What is Homeopathy?

Pillars of Wellness, located in Burlington, Aldershot, uses naturopathic treatments, such as homeopathy, to help you heal in a holistic and natural way.

Homeopathic medicine is a a natural form of treatment that was developed in Germany more than 200 years ago. Homeopathy is based on the theory “let likes cure likes” which means taking minute amounts of a substance can treat the same symptoms that otherwise could cause if taken in large amounts. The choice of remedy is based on the totality of symptoms an individual experiences.

It is a relatively safe route of healing, and has no known side effects that you’d expect from medicinal options. Although aggravation of symptoms can be seen in some cases. Can be a treatment option for children, pregnant women and patients who cannot tolerate other conventional or naturopathic treatments.

Benefits of Homeopathy

While conditions that involve bone fractures, head trauma, impact injuries, excessive bleeding, deep skin lacerations and muscle tearing should all be treated as medical emergencies, homeopathic treatment can be used to alleviate the pain and speed up the healing process in most of these situations.

If you receive any minor injuries like falls, sprains, concussions, insect bites or cuts, you can choose from a wide variety of homeopathic solutions to improve yourself and also avoid potential long-term side effects.

The selection of the remedy depends on the type, cause, and symptoms of your physical injury. Remedies like Arnica, Apis Mel, Bellis Per, Calendula, Cantharis, Hypericum, Ledum Pal, Rhus-tox, Ruta, Symphytum and Urtica Urens have all shown promising results in treating these conditions.

What Conditions Can Homeopathy Help Treat?

Homeopathic medicine can offer some help in various health situations:

  • Improving skin conditions
  • Helping with headaches
  • Improving anxiety and grief
  • Reducing pain and swelling in joints
  • Helping with digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome
  • Providing treatment to people who can’t use traditional prescription drugs due to allergies or side effects
  • Offering a more affordable treatment
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Homeopathy at our Clinic in Burlington

At Pillars of Wellness, patients looking to try homeopathy are given an assessment by Dr. Maria Galantai, Naturopath, to determine the best course of action. Every patient’s condition is different, which is why we seek to create a custom treatment plan for everyone the clinic sees.

Because Pillars of Wellness is a multifaceted clinic with a variety of health professionals, homeopathy can be but one part of an all-encompassing treatment plan — helping you heal as healthily and safely as possible.

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Why Choose Pillars of Wellness?

At Pillars of Wellness, in Burlington, Ontario, we are proud to provide a truly integrated care approach that employs a variety of treatments to achieve faster recovery. Our clinic offers different services such as chiropractic, naturopathy, counselling, speech therapy, occupational therapy, yoga therapy, acupuncture, and holistic nutrition

. Without having to look elsewhere. We are your one-stop-health solution, located right here in Burlington. Book An Appointment