What is Neuro Physiotherapy?

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Neurological Physiotherapy ServicesPillars of Wellness in Burlington, Aldershot can assist you with neurology base assessment and treatment with our highly skilled Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist.

Neurological Physiotherapy practitioners are qualified to treat a person who has a brain injury due to a car accident, stroke or spinal injuries. There are various treatment and modalities available, which help in improving some conditions such as walking, balancing and loss of sensation. At Pillars of Wellness, our Neuro-Physiotherapist apply different technique and modalities to improve the quality of life of our patients with lasting results.

Neuro-physiotherapists are also trained in the analysis of ‘normal movement’. This involves knowing how the body moves in ‘normal situations’ and how the biomechanics of the body work to allow efficient movement. We can also help to manage and treat the problems associated with a neurological injury.

Here are some of the neurological conditions our staff can treat:

  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Head injuries

Within our neurological physiotherapy sessions, our clients experience undivided attention from our highly trained physiotherapists during their appointments.

Neurological Physiotherapy Assessment

The first step is to fill in our intake form. Then, you will have a consultation with our Neuro-Physiotherapist for a thorough assessment to evaluate and create a treatment plan which will include your goals and objectives. Each individual are different and therefore, each treatment plan will be unique based on the assessment done. Our goal is to get you moving and getting you back to your everyday life and perform daily activities such as walking, driving and working.

The physiotherapists not only analyze the area affected with pain or restriction, but also expand their assessments by looking at the whole body in order to find the primary cause of the problem. By doing this, they may use medical imaging equipment to gain more insights and perform a more thorough assessment. In addition, our neurological physiotherapists are trained to analyze problems and provide a more hands-on treatment as opposed to modality-based interventions. Therefore, the neurological physiotherapy usually requires an extended assessment in order to develop an intervention plan that follows the interdisciplinary methods and requirements at our Neuro Rehab Center.

Our programs can be delivered through both, one-on-one treatment and with other practitioners. This depends on the client’s preference. We are happy to discuss in more details all your options and what will fit better your needs.

Neurological Physiotherapy Assessment - Pillars Of Wellness

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