Couple Therapy

Couple therapy doesn’t have the best name for itself, and many misconceptions exist regarding its purpose, which is why many couples choose to avoid therapy altogether. Some consider couples therapy to be ideal for serious relationship issues like adultery or addiction, while others think of it as a last-ditch effort before ending a relationship.

Most people just aren’t aware of the amazing benefits of couple’s therapy that can help treat relationship issues in a number of healthy ways, so that you’re left feeling both mentally and physically improved.

What Is Couple’s Therapy?

According to an article published by Talk Space, couple’s therapy is a type of psychotherapy in which a clinical expert will provide therapy to troubled couples, commonly known as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) that helps folks in a romantic relationship get perspective into their dynamic, fix their problems and improve their overall relationship satisfaction.

While the technique of couple’s therapy can vary from one therapist to the other, the main therapy tends to involve the same basic principles:

  • Targeting a specific problem like sexual issues, internet addiction, jealousy
  • Solution-oriented, change-focused interventions in the early stages of treatment
  • Active involvement on the side of the therapist in handling the relationship instead of each person individually
  • A simple compilation of treatment objectives
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How Is Couple’s Therapy Carried Out?

Therapy usually starts with a standard interview related to the history of the relationship and analysis of each partner’s family history, values, and cultural background. Your therapist can use the first few sessions for crisis control depending on the urgency of the situation.

Your therapist then assists in pinpointing the relationship issue which would then be the focus of treatment so as to determine treatment goals and a structured plan. During the treatment stage, therapists will allow the couple to gain perspective of the relationship dynamics and each partner’s role in the problem.

Another imperative aspect of a couple’s therapy is altering behaviors, habits, and interactions of each partner toward each other. Therapists usually assign partners goals to use the skills they have learned in therapy in their everyday interactions. Improved emotional expression and open communication can, therefore, help partners solve their problems effectively.

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Couple Therapy Can Leave Your Relationship Better Than Before

Dana Vince is a licensed professional counselor who dealt with a married couple of 12 years. The woman focused on being a good mother and wife, while the man worked full-time to provide for his family. During their 10 years of parenthood, communication became strained between the two, and soon the woman felt resentment towards her husband for not being more involved in their lives and decided to engage in an affair.

The two came to Dana for counseling once a week for 6 months followed by monthly checkups for another 6 months. Not only did their marriage succeed, but they actually felt feel happier and healthier in their new relationship. If you want to get the same feeling of satisfaction in your relationship, contact us to get the right therapy for you and your partner.