EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

EMDR Therapy

There are happy as well as sad moments in life. Sad incidents tend to have a longer effect on a person’s mind and their overall life. There are some events that can lead a person towards trauma. Some persons are vulnerable to developing a long-term sadness or depression. Some happenings are so brutal in nature that they break a person and they can never forget it. It is quite common these days.

Individuals these days are more vulnerable to anxiety and depression. Even in today’s world, mental health is often taken for granted. Mental health is something that should be given the utmost importance. A person can never function happily if he/she are not at peace.

What is EMDR?

EMDR known as eye movement desensitization and reprocessing is a form of psychotherapy. It is a unique form of therapy designed by psychotherapists to help a person suffering from trauma get out of it. It is used to help them diminish the bitter feelings of a traumatic happening. When a person experiences something bitter in their life, they tend to get stuck in the moment, not being able to forget it.

EMDR lies under the talk therapy type or post-traumatic stress disorder but it focuses more on the outcomes of the traumatic happening than the event itself. As a result of the traumatic happening, a person has symptoms of trauma and their emotions are in upheaval. During this therapy, the patient’s eye moves side to side as the therapist moves their hand in front of them. Pendulum swinging is also a treatment in this regard.

Where EMDR come from?

EMDR was initially used to remove the stress due to traumatic happening. The idea was put forward by Francine Shapiro in 1990’s. It has been a little controversial as some psychologists claim that it is of no use while others debate that it is effective.

Shapiro’s AIP or Adaptive Information Processing model found in 2001 suggests that this therapy aids to access the bitter memories and to bring about a solution. After the successful therapy, a person is relieved of the negative feelings.

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When is EMDR used?

If something terrible happens in a person’s life, they usually get trapped in the moment regretting or feeling utterly sad. They are unable to get over it. This results in depression, anxiety, and trauma. There are people who are brave enough to dodge the shots of life but there are others who cannot dodge the fate. These people tend to develop trauma and anxiety over the terrible happenings of life.

EMDR is used to treat people having symptoms of anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and phobias. Phobias are something that requires immediate psychotherapies before they get out of control. Some therapists also use it to treat eating disorders, schizophrenia, sexual dysfunction, depression, and stress.

EMDR for Children:

Just like adults, children are prone to depression, anxiety, and trauma as well. In addition, they are vulnerable to physiological disorders. EMDR is included in a 2009 practice guideline to help children to overcome trauma. Kids around the globe go through psychological disorders but they tend to stay quiet. EMDR is also cited as a component in the treatment of complex post-traumatic stress disorder.

An analysis done in 2017 revealed that EMDR is as effective in children and adolescents as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

EMDR Treatment phase:

The main goal of EMDR is to access the traumatic experiences and help the patient to diminish them completely through sessions. The patient is brought to the point where he has to accept that keeping the negative feelings and thoughts is of no use. Then, the positive feelings and thoughts are introduced and it helps the person to lead a healthy mental life. After the initial stages of therapy, the patient learns to come over their trauma and are even able to handle their stress and anxiety. EMDR therapy has eight phases:

  • History taking and plans of treatment
  • Trust building and explanation in depth regarding the treatment
  • Assessing of the traumatic experiences, identification of the negative and disturbing thoughts and then replacing them with the positive ones.
  • The process of desensitization and eye movement technique
  • To strengthen positive thoughts
  • Body scanning
  • Closure
  • Re-evaluation

Treatment procedure:

If you feel that you have some psychological disorder or you will you are caught in a moment due to which you feel depressed, you need to tell that to someone. Mental health is taken for granted even though it should be shared and cured. It is your mental health that leads to a healthy body and a healthy life.

In the initial stages of the therapy, you will have to discuss your problem and also the symptoms with your therapist. They will listen to you carefully and help you with your problem. It is not that important to reveal everything of your experience. It totally depends on you. The thing to be kept in mind is to trust your therapist and not to make stories of your own. Just tell them the truth and they will keep your gift information private.

Your therapist will understand and they will focus on your ongoing condition and the flashbacks or thoughts that you still have. They will help you to replace these thoughts with the new and positive thoughts. They will help you in healing your disturbing state of mind. They will then guide you via a technique called desensitization.

In this process, you will keep in mind the memory of a traumatic event or happening and follow the therapists back and forth moving finger through your eyes. This will help you think that you don’t need to stick to those memories and you can function without them. Further sessions help you to step into a positive life.

EMDR Therapist:

Whenever you feel the need to go to a psychotherapist, make sure to go to an experienced and licensed person. You can look for a professional counselor who is properly trained. If you feel the need to see our professional psychotherapist, then you need to make an appointment at Pillars of wellness today. We have a team of experienced psychotherapists who deal with all kinds of psychological disorders.