Grief and Loss

People will inevitably face loss at some point in their lives. Grief and Loss is an emotional or mental reaction to any kind of loss. It involves a range of feelings including sadness, confusion, and anger. The process of adjusting to any big loss can differ extensively from one person to the other. It usually has to do with each person’s personal history, beliefs, and connection to what is lost.

What Are the Types of Grief?

According to Good Therapy, grief is spread out into a wide range of behaviors. Certain people find relief in sharing their feelings among people, while others can prefer being left alone to deal with their feelings by taking part in distractions like exercise or writing.

The various feelings, beliefs, and behaviors people let out while grieving can be divided into two primary types:

  • Instrumental grieving primarily focuses on tasks that solve problems, usually having to do with controlling or reducing emotional release.
  • Intuitive grieving involves a more hyperactive emotional experience that has to do with sharing feelings, exploring past experiences, and pondering over mortality. A majority of people feel a mixture of the two grieving styles, and no one style is better than the other. Every person has their own mental and emotional needs that have to be met differently, so there’s no right way of grieving.
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Psychotherapy for Grief

Individual therapy. Talk therapy with the proper professionals can help you maintain your connection with a lost loved one during grief. Various individuals find relief while talking about their past experiences and reflecting on positive memories. The coping of loss with this reliving can help ease the mental and emotional strain of grief.

Joint therapies. In group therapy, people find relief in sharing beliefs and emotions with other patients that can relate to your grief. Recovery is commonly seen to be successful in this kind of psychotherapy. Family therapy can also be helpful for families trying to adjust to the loss of a loved one.

How Psychotherapy Helped Rhonda Overcome Her Grief

Rhonda, 57, faced a mental breakdown when her sister passed away. She could no longer work because of her anxiety and depression. Within a month of the breakdown, Rhonda decided to get therapy. Her therapist made Rhonda realize that she had never fully come to term with her parents’ death prior to that of her sister’s. Just too much grief and loss…

The underlying grief resulted in resentment towards her sister, which left Rhonda feeling grief-stricken. With the support of her therapist, Rhonda was able to get back on track by dealing with her stress and anxiety in a healthy way so that she could finally go back to work and start her life.

Pillars of Wellness is a therapeutic clinic that provides lots of alternative treatment options including physiotherapy, psychotherapy, yoga, meditation and much more. If you’re feeling depressed, grief-stricken or hurt, contact the clinic to get an appointment with the appropriate professional so you can get the treatment best suited for you. In the end, all you can do is let time and therapy heal you.

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