Spinal Adjustment

The chiropractic profession has its roots buried in spinal adjustment, or spinal manipulation as it is also known. The Central Nervous System, or CNS controls all of the various functions of our body. If there are inefficiencies in this system, then this can result in pain and dysfunction. An adjustment can correct misalignment of the spine or other joints in the body and therefore improve nerve function and overall health.

*Did You Know: Chiropractors are trained with a 4-year post-graduate degree including over 1000 hours of clinical hours before graduating.  We use a very specific and gentle technique to create movement in joints. The noise that you may hear is air escaping the joint capsule.  Add on 1000’s more hours of treatment in practice and this makes us experts in our field of adjusting!

If you wish to confirm an appointment, please contact us at info@pillarsofwellness.ca or click on make an appointment. We are conveniently located in Burlington, Aldershot.

chiropractic manual spinal adjustment - Pillars of Wellness

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