Erin Bontius - Yoga Instructor Pillars of Wellness

Erin Bontius

Yoga & Reiki Instructor, and Holistic Nutritionist
Two important discoveries have shaped Erin’s life. The first is that an individual has to become accountable for their own wellness journey, which lead Erin to begin, her now two-decade-long yoga practice, as well as her foundation in nutrition. The second realization is that each of us, every day, is capable of profoundly affecting one another, and she has committed her life to doing just this, with positivity and light, by sharing her experiences and vast wealth of knowledge.
Today, Erin has cultivated a fierce passion for health and wellness and an unwavering commitment to honouring each individual’s place in her life & practice. She now has numerous degrees & modalities behind her, from holistic nutrition and HypnoBirthing, to yoga, reiki, massage and meditation facilitation. Erin’s personal philosophy is that there are many paths to wellness, and the key is finding the right ones for you. Each body expresses itself differently, whether it’s during an asana or softening under massage, and there’s something truly beautiful in that uniqueness.

This being said, Erin’s absolute wellness passion now lies in prenatal wellness, and she is specialized as such, in all of her various modalities. Being able to share in that creative process within a person’s life is so magical, that she counts it as a blessing to be welcomed in.
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