Melanie Schorr - Yoga Instructor at Pillars of Wellness

Melanie Schorr

Yoga Instructor

Melanie has been practising Yoga for over 18 years and teaching group and private classes for over 12 years. Her practice started after a bad car accident left her in extremely bad condition, and she used yoga to help her strengthen her spine and her core. Since then, she has had numerous other accidents, injuries and surgeries, using Yoga as a tool for physiotherapy.

All of Melanie’s formal training was done at the Universal Yoga Centre in Dharamsala, India under the well-known and highly respected Vijay Amar. Most of her training was one-on-one teachings with her guru, consisting of not only the actual doing and teaching of Yoga, but also of human anatomy and the effects of Yoga on the body. She regularly goes back to India to train more and advance her own practice.

Melanie can teach practitioners of nearly all levels, from complete beginners to more advanced yogis. She focuses on alignment in all of her classes to ensure that everyone is doing each asana properly. When asanas are done incorrectly it can cause injuries. Melanie makes sure that this will never happen in her class. She also specializes in yoga for injuries, so if you have an injury you can be sure that any class with Melanie will be a safe one.

Most importantly, she loves teaching and has a true passion for it and for Yoga. This shows not only in her classes, but also in her attitude and her everyday life.

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