Grief and Loss counselling in Burlington

What is Grief and Loss Counselling?

Pillars of Wellness, located in Burlington, Aldershot, specializes in helping those who have experienced traumatic loss. Our psychotherapist can guide your emotional healing through grief counselling.

When facing any kind of loss, it can involve a range of feelings including sadness, confusion, and anger. The process of adjusting to any big loss can differ extensively from one person to the other. It usually has to do with each person’s personal history, beliefs, and connection to what is lost.

The various feelings, beliefs, and behaviors people let out while grieving can be divided into two primary types:

Instrumental grieving primarily focuses on tasks that solve problems, usually having to do with controlling or reducing emotional release.

Intuitive grieving involves a more hyperactive emotional experience that has to do with sharing feelings, exploring past experiences, and pondering mortality.

A majority of people feel a mixture of the two grieving styles, and no one style is better than the other. Every person has their own mental and emotional needs that have to be met differently. There is no right way of grieving.

Benefits of Grief Counselling

When it comes to coping with traumatic loss, working with a grief counsellor or psychotherapist can have many benefits.

  • Finding effective, positive ways to handle difficulties in day-to-day life
  • Building or repairing your meaningful relationships
  • Gaining relief from lasting effects of mental or physical trauma
  • Overcoming anxiety and depression
  • Reduced stress
  • New perspectives on various mental and social problems
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Grief Counselling at our clinic in Burlington

Grief counselling at our Burlington clinic can help individuals find relief after experiencing traumatic, profound loss. It looks different for everyone, which is why our psychotherapist treats each patient uniquely and according to their circumstances.

There are two main types of psychotherapy for grief counselling:

Individual therapy: Talk therapy with the proper professionals can help you maintain your connection with a lost loved one during grief. Various individuals find relief while talking about their past experiences and reflecting on positive memories. The coping of loss with this reliving can help ease the mental and emotional strain of grief.

Joint therapies: In group therapy, people find relief in sharing beliefs and emotions with other patients that can relate to your grief. Recovery is commonly seen to be successful in this kind of psychotherapy. Family therapy can also be helpful for families trying to adjust to the loss of a loved one.

Why Choose Pillars of Wellness?

At Pillars of Wellness, in Burlington, Ontario, we are proud to provide a truly integrated care approach that employs a variety of treatments to achieve faster recovery. Our clinic offers different services such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, naturopathy, counselling, speech therapy, occupational therapy, yoga therapy, acupuncture, and holistic nutrition.

With multiple diverse services and specialities in one place, you’ll get the best care possible — without having to look elsewhere. Pillars of Wellness

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