Counselling for Depression & Anxiety in Burlington

Pillars of Wellness, located in Burlington, Aldershot, specializes (amongs other areas of health) in treating individuals experiencing anxiety and/or depression.

Anxiety, the body’s natural reaction to stress, is the most prevalent type of emotional disorder that can happen at any age. Depression, also known as major depressive disorder, is a medical illness that has a negative effect on your thoughts, emotions, and actions. It causes sadness, apathy, and can result in a variety of emotional and physical issues that can affect your quality of life.

A common misconception is that medication is the only treatment for anxiety and depression. While medication is beneficial in treating these disorders, research shows that cognitive behavioural therapy can significantly help in treating patients, especially in combination with medicines.

Benefits of counselling for depression and anxiety

Working through therapy and counselling has many benefits for those experiencing anxiety and depression. Our counselling team has tremendous experience with:

  • Finding effective, positive ways to handle difficulties in day-to-day life
  • Building or repairing your meaningful relationships
  • Gaining relief from lasting effects of mental or physical trauma
  • Overcoming anxiety and depression
  • Reduced stress
  • New perspectives on various mental and social problems
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Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

While depression and anxiety are individualistic, both these disorders tend to share symptoms like nerves, mood changes, and issues with sleep and concentration. That said, each disorder has its individual causes and emotional and behavioural symptoms.

These are the signs and symptoms usually shared by both anxiety disorders and depression:

  • Consistent irrational fears and worrying
  • Panic attacks
  • Prolonged worthlessness and sadness
  • Physical symptoms including arrhythmias, abdominal pain, fatigue, tachycardia, hot flashes, headaches, hyperhidrosis, and breathing issues Insomnia
  • Problems with memory, thoughts, and concentration
  • Change of eating habits
  • Exhaustion
  • Persistent tension
  • Anger
  • Loss of interest in different activities

Any patients that are suffering from anxiety and depression should be aware of the following warning signs of a mental health crisis:

  • Poor regular self-care including things like choosing to ignore personal hygiene routines, eating or getting out of bed
  • Indications of abuse, violence, and aggression
  • Sudden and intense mood changes
  • Extreme hallucinations or confusion
  • Talking about suicide or having no reasons to live
  • Misuse of substances like alcohol and drugs

Therapy and Counselling for Anxiety and Depression at our Clinic in Burlington

Every case of anxiety and depression is different but, often, they can be treated together. There are various efficient treatment plans including:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT): This is commonly used to treat anxiety disorders with depression. CBT can help people handle their fears, anxieties, and depressive habits by getting to the root of the problem. Patients can also benefit from learning how to better cope with their emotions

Antidepressant medications: These can be prescribed to help treat both conditions and are medicines that are commonly used in combination with CBT. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), one of the more modern antidepressant medications, have fewer side effects compared to older antidepressants.

Exercise: Physical activity can help relieve both depression and anxiety disorders. Exercising produces chemicals in the body that can improve your emotional situation, helping you relax. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, a simple ten-minute walk can help relieve disorder symptoms for many hours.

Relaxation techniques: These include performing meditation and yoga, both of which can minimize symptoms of both anxiety and depression to better your quality of life, as stated in a major research review published by the JAMA Internal Medicine.

Why Choose Pillars of Wellness?

At Pillars of Wellness, in Burlington, Ontario, we are proud to provide a truly integrated care approach that employs a variety of treatments to achieve faster recovery. Our clinic offers different services such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, naturopathy, counselling, speech therapy, occupational therapy, yoga therapy, acupuncture, and holistic nutrition.

With multiple diverse services and specialities in one place, you’ll get the best care possible — without having to look elsewhere. Pillars of Wellness is your one-stop-health solution, located right here in Burlington.