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Alternative therapy has been gaining quite a lot of positive popularity in today’s healthcare world. The benefits of alternative medicine have been effective in making up for any different shortcomings of both Western medicine and surgical procedures. A Naturopathic Doctor is the best person to talk if you want to take that route.

Conventional healthcare and Western medicine have been widely popular in Canada, US, and Western Europe for over two centuries. These medical healthcare systems are based on the medical treatment that involves the use of drugs and surgery.

That said, they have been looked down upon over recent years for the heavy dependence on drugs to treat symptoms of a disease instead of actually treating the root of the issue. With that in mind, a lot of people are looking at different methods without any side effect. Naturopathy is very often the best alternative.

The absence of an alternative approach to overall body health is hence a huge cause for concern for several folks across the world. Therefore, over the course of the past ten years, Western medicine has finally evolved and started incorporating different alternative medicines and treatments.

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What exactly is alternative medicine?

Alternative therapy are those treatment options that are used as opposed to regular medical treatments. Alternative medicine is different from complementary medicine in that it does not accompany regular medical treatments but rather replaces them completely.

Alternative medicines, which include different herbal medicines, supplements, vitamins, medicinal teas, therapy options, and spiritual healing, are usually not recognized by the healthcare community as regular or standard medical options. However, if you see a naturopath, it is very likely your extended health insurance will cover for any treatment.

What are complementary and alternative medicine therapies?

There are five main categories of alternative medicine, which include:

Alternative Medical Systems

Alternative medical systems are based on total systems of theory and practice. These structures have commonly evolved separately from and before any other traditional medical approach across the overall healthcare world.

Examples of alternative medical systems that have been adopted in many countries across the world include homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopathy, Ayurvedic treatment and various other Chinese-influenced or natural therapy-based treatments.

Mind-Body Interventions

Mind-body interventions have recently become quite popular in the medical community since they improve the brain’s ability to control bodily functions and symptoms. Certain techniques that were part of the alternative medicine selection in the previous years have become popular today.

A popular instance of modern mind-body intervention is a cognitive-behavioural therapy that is used to treat both anxiety and depression. Other mind-body techniques include meditation, prayer, yoga, iridology and creative outlets like art, music, or dance that are used as therapy.

Manipulative and Body-Based Methods

Manipulative and body-based methods in alternative medicine focus on manipulation and/or motion of various parts of the body individually or in combination. These treatments include chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation, as well as massage therapy.

Biologically-Based Therapies

Biologically-based therapies in alternative medicine make use of materials that are found in nature like different herbs, foods, and vitamins. Certain examples include diet supplements, herbal products, holistic nutrition and other therapies like the use of shark cartilage to treat cancer.

Energy Therapies

Energy therapies make use of energy fields and include two types:

Biofield therapies are designed to affect energy fields that effectively enclose and enter the human body. The therapies essentially focus on manipulating biofields by making use of pressure points over different parts of the body, with examples like qi gong, Reiki, and therapeutic touches being commonly used Bioelectromagnetic-based therapies have to do with the use of electromagnetic fields like pulsed, magnetic or AC/DC fields.

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Find the right option that benefits you:

All-natural and suited for you:

Alternative medicine provides you with the option to actively take part in and takes responsibility for your own health by offering various treatment plans and options that suit your requirements. Another benefit that gives alternative medicine its popularity is the use of all-natural substances and techniques. Alternative medicine is the one medical approach that prioritizes the effects of stress and lifestyle choices on health.

A healthy approach to lifestyle choices:

Good nutrition, moderate exercise, rest, and emotional stability can have a huge impact on physiological health. All these lifestyle choices and many more can be considered with alternative medicine and homeopathy when diagnosing health issues instead of just diving straight into heavy and dangerous medication and surgery options.

Alternative therapy isn’t actually a new concept:

Treatments like yoga and acupuncture have essentially been in use for centuries but have only recently been scientifically researched and recognized over the course of the past few decades. Numerous medical practitioners actually recognize and recommend different alternative medicine treatments nowadays to effectively treat blood pressure, chronic pain, depression.

Alternative therapy is a great way to relieve pain:

Massage and chiropractic therapy can help deal with chronic pain without having to rely on other painkillers and drugs. A benefit of alternative medicine is its ability to solve misuse and abuse of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. Prolonged exposure to standard painkillers such as Tylenol can result in liver failure, stomach ulcers, and higher risks of strokes.

Alternative therapy is more feasible than medication or surgery:

Complicated medical procedures are usually followed by complex side effects and follow-up medications and therapies. These can become very expensive, especially over a long period of time. Alternative medicine deals with this problem by providing cheaper treatment options with less recovery time and follow-up expenses.

Alternative therapy isn’t just for scrapes, cuts, and mental health:

Yoga and meditation have been linked to a decrease in blood pressure as well as improved immunity in various cases. For example, turmeric can treat chronic pain and the spice has also proven itself to be very effective in relieving some of the harsher symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

How alternative medicine helped Sonia Swanson on her ovarian cancer journey

Sonia Swanson, 75, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She underwent multiple surgeries, chemotherapies, and medications, and doctors told her she only had three weeks to live. Sonia then got naturopathic treatment for her condition, and six years later she is still getting her treatments.

Pillars of Wellness offers various alternative medicine options including naturopathy, homeopathy, yoga, and meditation that you can avail by making an appointment.

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