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Counselling services in Burlington

What Are Our Counselling Services?

Counselling services at our Burlington-based clinic can help individuals, families, or couples make positive changes to their lives. Through talking openly and confidentially with one of our licensed counselor/psychotherapists about your concerns and emotions, you’ll be able to feel a greater sense of well-being within yourself and within your relationships.

Common request for counselling services are: Anxiety, Depression, Marriage Counselling, Trauma, Family Counselling and Grief.

How Counselling Services Can Help You?

Counselling can be a very effective therapy as long as you are committing to it and open to working throughout the process. Below are different strategies our counsellors uses to help patients suffering from a mental health condition or from family difficulties.

  • Finding effective, positive ways to handle difficulties in day-to-day life
  • Building or repairing meaningful relationships in personal and family life
  • Gaining relief from lasting effects of mental or physical trauma
  • Dealing with illness or the loss of a loved one
  • Overcoming anxiety and depression
  • Reduced stress
  • New perspectives on various mental health and social problems
  • Management and elimination of mental health and medical side effects
  • Prevention of mental and physical illness

At Pillars of Wellness, we also provide an opportunity to integrate other services that might help you along the road. For example, if your anxiety impact your sleep, we often recommend to try acupuncture as it helps in sleep improvement by reducing the stress level and regulating the body.

You can learn more about our registered psychotherapists/counsellors on our team members page.

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Counselling In Burlington - What To Expect During Your First Visit

During your first visit with our counsellor, you’ll receive a full assessment which involves an in-depth review of your current situation, personal history, and any symptoms and external factors that impact you emotionally. Based on the assessment, you and your counsellor will be able to determine the next steps and develop the most effective and appropriate treatment plan.

Therapy is a team effort, so it helps to be honest, be prepared, ask questions, and be open with your feelings. Therapy is not a quick fix; it is a process. Creating a strong therapeutic rapport with your therapist will help speed your recovery process and ensure that the treatment being provided is most effective.

Each session last 60 minutes. It's conducted in a private and comfortable room. Whether you are seeking counselling in Burlington for yourself, as a couple or as a family, we always make sure to keep every shared information strictly confidential.

We don’t believe in “cookie-cutter” approaches. Each client at Pillars of Wellness is unique, and that’s why we aim to take the time and effort to get to know you and what you’re going through — helping you feel better while experiencing the most effective treatment possible.

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What Conditions Our Counselling Services Help Treat?

Our counselling services can help deal with a variety of personal difficulties, whether it's related to mental health help or emotional, chemical, spiritual, social, or even financial. Below are conditions we treat:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Anger Management
  • Grief Counselling
  • Borderline, Antisocial, Avoidant, and Obsessive-Compulsive
  • Eating disorders
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Panic disorder
  • Trauma / PTSD
  • Postpartum depression
  • Phobias

Another service we provide is couples therapy. Contact us for more information. Our counselling services can be an effective part of your treatment even if you don't have any of the conditions listed.

Counselling Services - Our Modalities

We use any or a combination of the following methods to guide you back to a life of health and healing.

Our counselors/psychotherapists have between 10 years to 25 years of experience. They are licensed, registered and currently accepting new patients for counselling in Burlington clinic only.

Note that our counsellors offer in-person and virtual counselling. The choice is yours.

Before Your Visit: Frequently Asked Questions

1What is counselling like?

Counselling is a different experience for each individual. We always work hard to meet your needs based on your unique set of circumstances. During your first visit, also called “an assessment”, you’ll be asked basic and informational questions to help you and your therapist establish your goals.

Your therapist may suggest exploring different therapy methods such as relaxation or mindfulness, journaling, role-playing, reading assignments, or even “homework”. How the therapeutic process will progress depends on your commitment to achieve your goals.

2Is what I say kept confidential?

We do not share any information about your counselling sessions to anyone without your consent. There are some exceptions to confidentiality. If there is the possibility of harm to the client or another person, or in cases of child or elder abuse, the counsellor is mandated to report certain information to the appropriate authorities.

3How often will I meet with my therapist?

The frequency of therapy is mutually agreed upon by you and your therapist and is largely based on your presenting issues and the goals of treatment.

If you choose group therapy over individual therapy, you will be required to follow the program with at least one session a week over the course of a specific period.

It is very important that you arrive early or on-time for your scheduled appointments. Regular, timely attendance of your counselling sessions will help you to achieve your therapeutic goals. If for some reason you are unable to make it to your scheduled session, please call the Clinic 24-hours ahead of time.

4When will I start to feel better?

There is no set time for how long it will take until you feel better. Relief may come from a variety of sources, including making changes in your thoughts, behaviours, relationships, and choices. It may take time to achieve. However, the more you are committed to your goals, the quicker you’ll achieve positive results and therefore, feel better.

Counselling (private) Prices

Free 15 min consultation

Counselling Assessment or a treatment session (60 min) = $150

Couples Therapy Assessment or a treatment session (60 min) = $165

Payment options

Auto Insurance: If you have an illness or injury from a motor vehicle accident, health services may be covered under your auto insurance plan.

Extended Health Benefits: If you are receiving long-term disability income from an insurance program, your program may cover various health services, or you might have a work benefits package which covers a portion of the health services.

Veterans Affairs: If you are a Canadian armed forces veteran, the Department of Veteran Affairs may cover health services.

Private Services: At Pillars of Wellness we offer competitive rates within the standards of our regulatory colleges. We accept payment through cash, credit or debit. Please contact us for more details related to service fees