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We are a multidisciplinary clinic with an integrative approach, located in Burlington, Aldershot (ON).
Our goal is to eliminate redundancy of care and speed the recovery process. We are resolved to revolutionize the way we diagnose, treat, care, rehabilitate and promote health for our clients.

Our entire team at Pillars of Wellness is equipped to access, treat and manage client’s care from a variety of perspectives to help improve access, efficiency and overall quality of care. Check out our innovative and comprehensive wellness programs which have been created to provide holistic programming for a variety of conditions.

We have brought together numerous skilled professional to provide treatment and service while fully embodying collaboration and partnership.

Services provided: Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Naturopathic Medicine including Acupuncture, Yoga and Meditation, Occupational Therapy, and Speech-Language Pathology.

Come and join our community to maximize your health with our integrated medical and holistic services under one roof! The clinic accepts most insurance companies with minimal out-of-pocket fees.

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Our Services

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All our health providers are registered with their respective College of Ontario and in good standing.


Occupational Therapy

A rehabilitation field, which focuses on enabling engagement in everyday life through use of occupation to foster health and wellbeing.

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At Pillars of Wellness our physiotherapy team employs only qualified physiotherapists who are in good standing with their respective colleges.

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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is an essential part of our service as so much of the bodies issues stem injury, disease or damage to the neuro-muscular system.

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Speech-Language Pathology

Speech Pathologist are required to study anatomy and physiology, but they also study neuroanatomy, genetics, human and language development.

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Naturopathic doctors receive detailed training and have extensive experienced dedicated towards disease prevention.

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MPS Therapy

It is designed to treat chronic and acute soft tissue pain and scars by applying micro current impulses to trigger acupuncture points.

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Restorative Yoga is a powerful healing tool that reduces stress by supporting the body’s innate responses towards homeostasis and health.

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Acupuncture is an alternative medicine technique that involves the insertion of small needles at particular points into one’s body.

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Neuro Physiotherapy

Neurological physiotherapy is the treatment developed for individuals who have acquired neurological impairments.

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Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation Learn More We hold our classes in our facility in Burlington, Aldershot. Join our free class twice a week, plus another class where we combine Restorative Yoga and Meditation. See our schedule for more information. You are welcome to make a donation after your meditation class, which is to help children around the […]

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Prenatal yoga

At Pillars of Wellness in Burlington, Aldershot, we offer this unique service for future moms who are looking for ways to relax or stay fit. Did you know that prenatal yoga might also help you prepare for labor and promote your baby’s health? Before you start prenatal yoga, understand the range of possible benefits, as […]

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Yoga for Seniors

Yoga for Seniors Benefits At Pillars of Wellness, Burlington, Aldershot, we offer yoga senior classes for the elderly community. As we get older, muscles tend to stiffen, our joints lose their range of motion and we become more susceptible to chronic problems such as osteoporosis, arthritis and heart disease. Yoga can help slow down the […]

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Concussion Management

Concussion / Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) Program Modified for All Ages “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be” What is a concussion / mTBI At Pillars of Wellness Burlington and Aldershot. A concussion is a neurologic injury that causes […]

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What is a Vestibular Disorder? There are lots of people who complain of vertigo, balance issues, dizziness and unsteadiness and there are many things that can cause these symptoms. In several cases those symptoms are causes by vestibular disorders. The vestibular system is the part of the inner ear and brain that is responsible for […]

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Custom Orthotics – Burlington, Aldershot Your feet are the foundation that support your entire body therefore it makes sense that foot problems could affect the rest of your body. Custom orthotics are external devices used to modify and support the structural and functional characteristics of the neuromusculoskeletal system. Many patients present to us with pain […]

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Spinal Joint Manipulation

Spinal Manual Adjusting The chiropractic profession has its roots buried in spinal adjusting, or spinal manipulation as it is also known. The Central Nervous System, or CNS controls all of the various functions of our body. If there are inefficiencies in this system, then this can result in pain and dysfunction. An adjustment can correct […]

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Active Release Technique

Active Release Technique ™ Active Release Technique (ART) is a patented, state of the art movement-based soft tissue technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves. Conditions such as headaches, back pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, shin splints, shoulder pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, knee injuries and tennis elbow are just some of the […]

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Neuro Rehabilitation – Burlington, Aldershot

Neuro Rehabilitation Occupational therapy consists of supporting and facilitating an individual to be as independent as possible in their chosen activities (occupations). This may include improving an individual’s cognitive functions such as memory, planning and organizing and/or may focus on removing physical barriers, prescribing mobility equipment and linking them to appropriate community resources. Neurological conditions […]

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Mental Health – Burlington, Aldershot

Mental Health Programs Mental health programs can encompass areas such as setting goals, development and implementation of coping strategies as well as planning activities. Occupational therapy can positively influence mental health and general well-being by supporting engagement in community involvement, meaningful activities, and productive roles. These activities may include attending to one’s personal care, going […]

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Senior’s Health – Burlington, Aldershot

How can occupational therapy help seniors? Occupational therapy is a treatment that empowers people to overcome barriers and promotes their participation in their daily activities/occupations. Through empowerment an individual can lead a more independent and productive life. An OT is focused on patient goals revolving around improving life skills and promoting engagement in activities that […]

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Work Place Service

What is ergonomics? Ergonomics is about interactions between people and their combined physical and organizational environments within the workplace. Allowing an ergonomic design to be put into the workplace that will accommodate variety of ways humans are capable of, and/or limited, allows workplace conditions to match capabilities. These ergonomic changes can reduce the risk of […]

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Musculoskeletal Service

Musculoskeletal and Orthopaedic Program Burlington, Aldershot The musculoskeletal and orthopaedic rehabilitation program is specifically designed to enhance your recovery and assist you in regaining independence. This program can utilized after an orthopaedic injury or condition, severe trauma due to an accident, or surgery such as hip and knee replacements. What can be treated with an […]

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Fertility – Burlington, Aldershot At Pillars of Wellness we understand that fertility challenges can be a stressful and highly personal experience. By utilizing a natural integrative team approach to assisting those who are facing fertility challenges we are able to optimize your opportunity to conceive and maintain pregnancy. Our team of experienced practitioners work with […]

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Holistic Nutrition – Burlington, Aldershot

What is Holistic Nutrition? Holistic Nutrition is a natural approach to dietary and lifestyle choices. Setting itself aside from some of the alternatives, holistic nutrition focuses on the individual as a whole being, and by doing so, is able to address the root causes of a problem, rather than merely treating the symptoms. Holistic nutrition […]

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Nutrition Programs

Nutrition Programs – Burlington, Aldershot With any big potential change, the first thing you want to consider is what do you want to get out of it? After all, visualization is everything and it’s the first step in manifesting the health and wellbeing you desire. Whether your main goal is weight-loss, fatigue or confronting a […]

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Yoga Therapy

Private Yoga Therapy – Burlington, Aldershot It is a self-empowering process, where the care-seeker, with the help of the Yoga therapist, implements a personalized and evolving yoga practice, that not only addresses the illness in a multi-dimensional manner, but also aims to alleviate the suffering in a progressive, non-invasive and complementary manner.  Depending upon the […]

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Cleanse and Detox

Cleanse and Detox – Burlington, Aldershot In today’s society there are so many ways to cleanse, and so many new products telling why and how we should. Let me break it down for you a little bit though. There are a number of reasons why we want to cleanse our body. The primary of which, […]

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Language Delay and Disorder

What is Language Delay and Disorder? There are many terms used among professionals when describing children who have difficulties understanding and using language. Some use the term developmental language disorder, specific language impairment, expressive language disorder, language learning impairment or, language delay or disorder. This can make it difficult for parents to get appropriate information. […]

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Literacy is the ability to use and understand information that is fundamental to daily life and work, at home and in the community. Unfortunately, too many children are affected, especially the low-income countries which represent 90% of primary age children are not expected to read or do basic maths by the end of primary school. […]

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Dysphagia refers to a difficulty in swallowing. Lots of people are unaware of having Dysphagia. It is usually caused by nerve or muscle problems and can be painful at time. It is more common in older people and babies. There is a wide range of conditions which can cause swallowing problems. Here is a list […]

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What is Stuttering? Stuttering is so common that everyone knows what it sounds like and can easily recognize it. Everyone has probably had moments of stuttering at least once in their life. It should not be confused with cluttering. Most people don’t know that stuttering can also include non-verbal involuntary or semi-voluntary actions like blinking […]

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Pediatric Chiropractic

At Pillars of Wellness Burlington, in Aldershot, we are proud to serve our community of all different ages. Dr Gelinas has great experience with children and has an amazing connection with them. Today, more and more parents look for other ways of therapies for their children. Chiropractic treatment is very popular in Canada, it has […]

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Orthopedic / Musculoskeletal

Understanding the complicated orthopedic problem One of the common concerns people have all over the world is injuries and strains on the body’s muscles, joints, and bones. These are prevalent concerns globally, proper awareness of the condition is still an issue. In a study conducted by Stanford University’s School of Medicine, it was found that […]

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